Ad Campaign Launched To Debunk Search Engine Optimization Misconceptions

December 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Toronto, Ontario, December 14, 2006. Jerry Bader, Senior Partner of MRPwebmedia announced the launch of a new awareness Web-advertising campaign designed to set the record straight on Search Engine Optimization. Bader, who's company specializes in audio and video Web-productions say there's a better way for companies to deliver their marketing messages and improve their bottom lines - "For some time we have been preaching the importance of delivering the marketing message and that your message should not be corrupted or distorted by techniques aimed at attracting search engine robots well driving away real people who may actually be potential customers."

Bader realizes that in many circles this attitude is considered outright heresy, but he hopes there are a few marketing types around that understand websites have to deliver more than miscellaneous random eyeballs; "websites have to deliver a message that is memorable, understandable, useable, and if you're really good at your job, information that can be incorporated into your audiences' belief system."

Bader knew an attitude sea-change was taking place when Google the primary target of this SEO frenzy announced that they were instituting Google Video Ads and purchasing YouTube, adding to their already considerable investment in Google Video.

Bader commented. "Somebody at the big "G" thinks video is a viable Web-medium even if the purveyors of search engine fool's gold would have you believe otherwise."

The list of companies, including Forbes, Amazon, Wyeth, and Ford, delivering Web-audio and Web-video grows daily and this phenomenon is not restricted to major corporations. Small companies are using multimedia to get the edge on their larger competitors who still have their heads buried in the search engine optimization sand.

Bader's continuing efforts from numerous articles written (see and, advocating the power of using the human voice and image to deliver marketing stories over the Web was finally getting through to companies who are fed-up with the cost and ineffectiveness of continually chasing the holy grail of search engine optimization.

Bader says, "Company presidents and marketing managers are starting to listen, starting to realize there is another way. This campaign is aimed at pushing these business executives to act on what they already know: good marketing is about delivering the message, not keyword density."

For more information on this initiative you can visit the campaign Web-page at that contains the first six of a total of eighteen video spots, as well as an article describing the entire process of developing the campaign.

Jerry Bader is Senior Partner at MRPwebmedia, a website design firm that specializes in Web-audio and Web-video. Visit Contact at or telephone (905) 764-1246.