International Traveler Offers Advice For Those Who Want To Simplify Life and Travel The World

December 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Hamburg, Germany — For most of his life, Dr. Otto Weizman traveled the world, but not as a tourist. Weizman's non-stop globe trotting was part of his job running an international business.

Eventually, Weizman got tired of living out of a suitcase and meeting constant deadlines. What followed was a system for living far more simply while freely traveling on one's own terms.

Weizman's system is the subject of the book "Simplify Your Life! - Secrets For Gaining the Personal Freedom to Live and Work Anywhere." The book is available for immediate download at .

"Studies show the one thing people of all walks of life want is to be able to drop out of the rat race and travel the world," says Stephen West, representing the publisher of Weizman's book.

"This book gives you simple step-by-step directions for dramatically simplifying your life, then successfully living and working just about anywhere. If you want to avoid all the phone calls, junk mail, meetings, and email you deal with and move to a tropical island, this book gives you a very practical way to do it," West said.

Weizman starts by showing readers how to get off advertising and junk mail lists as well as phone and email lists. He firmly feels the onslaught of commercial messages individuals deal with daily is a major contributor to the overwhelming stress many people experience.

Of course, most people don't really want to get away from it ALL. Even when they're on a remote desert island, they want to be able to access fax, email, and make necessary phone calls. "As a lifelong international travel, Dr. Weizman developed brilliant ways to keep the communication lines going from absolutely any location. He packs the book with insider tips and techniques that the casual traveler would never think of," West said.

The new book has proven so popular that the publisher is now planning an updated version. "Technology changes so quickly that we work constantly to stay on top of it. That's what gives an ebook an extreme advantage over traditional printed books. As technology and techniques changes, we update the book to reflect those new developments," West said.

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