Southeast Michigan Real Estate Club Has Panel of Real Estate Experts

December 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Southeast Michigan Real Estate Club Has Panel of Real Estate Experts for December 21, 2006 Meeting

Billboard Expert, Investor, and Speaker Gives Real Estate Secrets on Outdoor Advertisng

Billboards have been around for many years in the USA. The industry has drastically changed due to city and county regulation and zoning issues. Though they are very powerful and give the client the largest exposure for their dollar to the general driving public, billboards are considered ugly, unsightly and detractors from scenery in this earth friendly world.

Many pioneers of the industry have found and do not share the huge cash flow from a well placed, 40 foot high by 14 foot by 48-foot sign. Usual nationwide income ranges from $1000 to well over $4000 per month. The zoning and permitting regulations have forced billboard developers out of the business but persistence in every endeavor is the key to success. Large or small boards are based on the income they can generate for the owners.

Approval like any commercial development endeavor is a methodical venture. There are family fortunes being made in the billboard business and it can be a generational pursuit for cash flow. Once the boards are generating income they have a multiple income value of up to 10% the yearly income. Very similar to the multiplier of the commercial and industrial property standards for valuation. If a billboard can be located on a major freeway or thruway with 40,000 cars per day it can generate a large income stream to its owners. The cost to erect a billboard is very competitive and is based largely on the cost of steel tubing for the structure.

Many large advertising companies have moved into this industry over the years and look for more acquisitions as they are presented. Many independent billboard operators have owned and maintained their boards for many years with no loss of income. National advertising companies will master lease the site from the independents and promise a preset monthly income or even a prepay of up to 20 years for the purchase or the lease of an easement to access the board for their own uses. The national firm can then pay the independent as an example $2000 per month and potentially create a gross income stream of $10,000 per month on a well-traveled road location. The largest current trend is the LED board inserts, which allow full daylight and night visibility to the tenants on the board. I believe the most watched is the video web driven site in downtown New York City. Check it out when you watch the ball drop in Times Square this New Years Eve!

Mr. Winter and his Students are pursuing various sites with potential in the Midwest cities for new boards or purchasing existing boards from independents that have no desire to push the income envelope. Many large advertisers are in many cities across the nation today looking for more value to reach people. The ever-decreasing market share of the newspaper industry has caused commercial industry to look for other more productive use of their advertising dollars for the most impact on the next generations. Billboards are one of the most profitable commercial investments due to the low cost of entry and with the largest net income for the amount of capital invested. There are many national finance companies for financing locations due to the cash flow opportunities.

Pat Winter, Mr. Commercial Real Estate, and his students from his Commercial Master Mind are pursuing many potential sites and will continue to build their portfolio. Once the site is approved it has developed a value that can be resold. You don't have to erect the sign. The permit is the most time consuming process and once completed will create value for the developer or investor on the next step of the income stream.

“Mr. Commercial Real Estate”, announces a new release in his Mastermind Group Workshop series on real estate investments, “Billboard Investments.” The new DVD video workshop is designed to clarify the process for making successful billboard investments.
Mr. Winter states that billboards are an often -overlooked investment opportunity that is making a major comeback, though the advent of digital technology. The program includes information on prospecting, networking, acquisitions, sales opportunities, profit potential, selling future income streams, three-dimensional billboards, mini-billboards, zone requirements, finding an experienced sign company, cost and financing.

Mr. Winter identifies for investors the biggest players in the billboard market, and lets investors in on secrets the general public don’t know. For example, very few new billboards are built these days so the major players seek out Mom and Pop billboards, and then use their national contacts to bring in national billboard tenants.

Pat’s video shows investors how to get in the loop on this lucrative advertising industry that is a less expensive than print or TV advertising. As Pat points out, “Zoning is the biggest issue.” The video informs potential investors how to deal with zoning requirements, including B4 and C4 zoning requirements, in which nearby residents must be notified of pending new billboards. He discusses the minimum amount of space required between billboards. And he provides detailed information about billboard cost and the profits that investors can realize from billboard investment. Learn more about “Billboard Investments” at Pat Winter’s website: www.

Agenda: for December 21,2006 meeting Event Time: 06:00 PM 9:00 PM Location: Laurel Manor, 39000 Schoolcraft Rd, Livonia, MI 48150 For information call 248-762-0800 or Check