Mr. Ravi Bhoothalingam, Founder. Chairman, Manas Advisory at International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi for Silver Jubilee Lecture Series

December 17, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Confucius, Gandhi and the Rise of Chindia: Mr. Ravi Bhoothalingam

17th December 2006, Mr. Ravi Bhoothalingam, Founder and Chairman, Manas Advisory, a Consultancy practice focusing on Corporate Governance, Strategic HR and Tourism visited the International Management Institute’s (IMI, New Delhi) campus for an hour long captivating talk on, “Confucius, Gandhi and the Rise of Chindia” under the aegis of Silver Jubilee Lecture Series of IMI.

In his distinguished career, Mr. Bhoothalingam has served as the President of The Oberoi Group as well as the BAT Plc as the Head of Personnel, VST Industries Ltd. as Managing Director and ITC Ltd. as Director. He has travelled extensively, in China which he consistently referred to as the Central Kingdom and is also the Convener of The Tourism Task Force for the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Forum, ‘The Kunming Initiative’.

“Confucius, Gandhi and the Rise of Chindia”, focused on the rise and fall of China as well as India’s lack or even absence of knowledge about this great ‘Central Kingdom’. With native fluency in 6 different languages this profound gentlemen enthralled the audience with a description of the ‘effects of a language in forming a country, a civilization.’ To a spellbound audience he described the history and understanding of the two great philosophers, Confucius and Gandhi and their effects on their respective countries, yesterday and today.

“When things are investigated, knowledge is extended ; when knowledge is extended , thoughts become sincere; when thoughts become sincere , then the heart becomes pure; when the heart becomes pure, personal life gets cultivated; when personal life gets cultivated, family becomes regulated; when family becomes regulated , the state comes in order ; and when all these happen peace prevails throughout the world.” He rightfully quoted Confucius which followed an ethereal applause.

Mr. Bhoothalingam pointing towards the MBA aspirants once again quoted through Confucius, “I hear then I forget, I see then I remember, but when I do then I understand…” and left the discussion open ended. Leaving the audience restless, an array of questions were posed to him.

International Management Institute, New Delhi chose to celebrate its Silver Jubilee Anniversary by holding lectures by distinguished speakers from various fields to share their experiences, wisdom and knowledge to the IMI students. Christened as ‘The Silver Jubilee Lecture Series’ is supported by the IMI’s Board of Directors who also nominated its Chairman, Shri Subir Raha (former Chairman, ONGC). Among the speakers who have already participated are Swami Bhodananda Saraswathy, Dr. Durval De Noronha Goyos Jr, Mr. Jagdish Sheth, Mr. D.N. Ghosh, Mr. Vinod Dhall and Mr. S Sridhar.

It is proposed that all the lectures delivered will be published in a volume cherished the Silver Jubilee Lecture Series by the end of the programme. The range envisaged to be covered in the series would be varied, and the objective would be to bring out the diversity and richness of the management discipline.

Submitted by: Urwashi Priyadarshini (Student, PGPHRM. IMI)