Travels Wise Launches Belarus Travel Guide

December 19, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Travels Wise, the online European Travel Destination Guide, has announced the launch of the Belarus Travel Guide. This online guide, complete with photos and useful links, gives visitors detailed information on: How to obtain a visa, how to travel to Belarus, where to stay in Minsk and Belarus, what to do in Minsk and Belarus, and much more.

Gene and Galina Emmer, the authors, describe the guide as a work of love. “We wrote the Travel Guide to Belarus because we believe that there is a real lack of information available about for visitors to Belarus. Information that we found is incomplete, out of date, or written by people who do not understand or do not appreciate the country.” Galina and Gene are perhaps the ideal authors for a guide to Belarus: Galina is a Belarusian citizen and Gene is a native English speaker. With close ties to Belarus, they can see the country from both an insider’s and an outsider’s point of view.

Gene said: “I enjoy traveling to Belarus. Minsk is a beautiful city, not what most people would expect. It is lively and has a lot to offer. And as a foreigner, I am usually treated very well. In many countries I have visited, tourists are seen as a nuisance. But in Belarus, often tourists are given special treatment, since they are still rather rare. Many Belarusians look to the West with a great deal of interest and respect, and that respect is often granted to Western citizens as well.”

Galina said: “The goal of our Belarus Travel Guide is to help visitors get the most out of the country. We know that for some, travel in Belarus will be difficult. So, we have filled our travel guide with photos, information and advice that we believe will help tourists enjoy their visit.” To see the Belarus Travel Guide, click:

About TravelsWise: An online destination guide to Europe, Travels Wise has useful information about many exciting European travel destinations. It is filled with practical tips and written by passionate travelers. But Gene and Galina don’t just write about Europe, they live there.