Non-Profits Win Big with Conduit-Powered Community Toolbars

December 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Redwood Shores, CA — December 22, 2006 — Conduit, a breakthrough marketing platform for creating community toolbars that drive traffic and loyalty, today announced the availability of Conduit toolbars for non-profit organizations. Now organizations seeking to increase campaign awareness, encourage community participation and drive fundraising have a powerful solution to get it done. Since it’s completely free, hosted and does not require technical skills, Conduit is an ideal solution for resource-challenged non-profit organizations.

Conduit’s non-profit customers are using their community toolbars to promote activism, raise awareness and generate critical actions – from fundraising to petition signing. Several Conduit customers are seeing definitive results.

Greenpeace International, a renowned global environmental organization, launched the Greenpeace toolbar to ignite activism amongst its members. The toolbar accomplishes this by delivering traffic to specific Greenpeace destinations, such as petitions, action alerts and news. Results have been strong and include a substantial toolbar user base, increased readership of Greenpeace news and strong community building. In addition, Greenpeace blogs and related Greenpeace sites, such as Defending Our Oceans and Defending the Whales, continue to experience accelerated traffic from toolbar users. Download the Greenpeace Toolbar at

“We use the Greenpeace toolbar to keep our online activists informed about breaking news and urgent action alerts, right from their browsers. It's a great community builder and way to keep in touch with the people who make our campaigns for a green and peaceful world successful,” said Brian Fitzgerald, chief web editor, Greenpeace International.

IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, launched the Animal Activism Bar to raise funds for animals in distress around the world and to keep supporters up-to-date on breaking news. Their community toolbar continues to build a strong base of active users who demonstrate unprecedented participation in IFAW campaigns. Due to the remarkable results, IFAW is now deploying toolbars in additional languages. Download the Animal Activism Bar at

“Conduit makes it easy for people to get involved in IFAW campaigns to save animals and protect their habitats. Our members use the toolbar to stay informed, raise money and communicate about important animal welfare issues,” remarked Mike Mahoney, creative strategist, International Fund for Animal Welfare. “The toolbar gives them multiple ways to stay up-to-date and engaged in our campaigns whenever they’re online.”

“Non-profits thrive based on community support and action. Conduit has been designed to foster real-time community conversation and communication,” said Ronen Shilo, CEO of Conduit. “Conduit transforms the relationship between a non-profit and its supporters by delivering unprecedented face-time for free.”

Creating a community toolbar for non-profit organizations is quick, easy and completely free. Organizations can create a community toolbar with relevant content, commerce and community components including; one-click fundraising, community search, RSS-driven action alerts, petition signing, community chat, podcasts, email notifier, news ticker, weather, radio and more. Create a free toolbar for your organization at

About Conduit
Conduit is a breakthrough marketing platform for creating community toolbars that drive traffic and loyalty by enabling publishers to persistently connect and engage with their user community via the browser. Conduit delivers unprecedented community loyalty and site traffic for over 125,000 publishers, including major brands such as Major League Baseball, Fox Carolina TV, Greenpeace, REMAX, Blogdigger and small and medium publishers in 112 countries around the globe. Conduit’s innovative search monetization model allows the service to be completely free and without adware, malware and spyware. The company is privately-held with headquarters in Israel and Redwood Shores, CA. For more information about Conduit, visit or email

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