World's first floating billboards to be launched in Europe… and they talk

December 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The floating billboards are aeronautic balloons filled with helium of up to 6M in diameter that can boast up to 3 x 150" screens each. With screens pointing in different directions, they really do capture everyone's attention.

Traditionally, outdoor billboards have been limited to creating impact through static, or rotating creative visuals, what is more, they are largely restricted to road sides, tops of low buildings and increasingly, on the sides of Europe's high ways.

The arrival of the new LED screens have represented a god send for outdoor media owners, as they are able to allow more advertisers to use each site, as well as update creative centrally, as the LED screens are networked.

However, LED screens are, like the static and rotating billboards that they are replacing, restricted to the same type of site. Furthermore, their high cost has meant that it is only economically viable for outdoor media owners like Clear Channel and J.C. Decaux to replace premium sites with LED.

The entry of these floating billboards could very well see sales of LED screens reducing significantly as more and more outdoor media owners realise the advantages of this novel advertising medium.

The floating billboards, or Giant Orb Display screens include sound projectors that project the advertiser's sound messages to specific areas only. So, for example, the now ubiquitous road side billboard could be replaced by a higher impact tool that actually talks to its audience as if the person in the ad was standing right next to them; and without creating any noise pollution what so ever.

The Giant Orb Displays also offer higher versatility than static and LED alternatives, as they can be placed virtually anywhere and moved easily within the hour; and at half the price of an LED, they are certainly likely to become a regular sight across Europe, where they are being launched first.

The company responsible for introducing this outdoor media world first into Europe is the IZLY Group, who have been aggressively striking exclusivity deals with technology originators from around the world.

"our GOD screens are unilke any other in impact, versatility and cost-effectiveness; we believe that they represent the best value in the market today, something that is being echoed by outdoor media firms around the world" said Mukhter Ahmed, IZLY's MD.

IZLY are very confident that their new product will be a hit, and they are about to launch trials in England with a small outdoor media firm.

IZLY Group is a UK based leader in the Audio Visual industry. They provide solutions for retailers, exhibitors, outdoor media owners and the home cinema market.

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