Multimedia Awareness Campaign Hits A Nerve

December 27, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Toronto, ON. MRPwebmedia of Thornhill, Ontario has hit a nerve in the website design and advertising community with an article published in SiteProNews ( The article about the company's latest awareness campaign ( is aimed at telling businesses to concentrate on delivering their marketing messages on their websites and to not let search engine optimization get in the way of delivering those messages in the most effective manner.

MRPwebmedia is a website design and media production company that uses Web-video and Web-audio to deliver their clients marketing messages. The initial campaign features the first twelve of eighteen Web-video commercials to be released using the famous Macintosh TV commercial model of "Hello I'm A " to illustrate how effective Web-video and Web-audio can be and that businesses should not be afraid of using multimedia on their websites.

Jerry Bader, Senior Partner of MRPwebmedia says, "The reaction was instantaneous. We were receiving calls from Spain, California, and just about everywhere else. Blogs from the States, Israel, and Britain where full of comments both positive and negative depending on which side of the search engine optimization versus multimedia controversy you were on. Those that got the message were extremely positive and we have booked several new projects already based on the campaign. The SEO community reacted predictably with comments ranging from begrudging acknowledgement to name-calling."

"If you are a serious business with a real product or service to sell rather than a business whose only source of revenue is Google AdSense, then you need to concentrate on the traffic that comes to your site and speak to them with a memorable, comprehensible presentation. There are lots of ways to generate traffic to your site - it's called marketing, Search engine optimization is only one traffic-generating tactic;" says Bader.

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