Answers for Buying or Selling College Textbooks

December 27, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
The college textbook industry is currently running around $6 billion. With such a large amount of money in the middle for the taking companies are coming out of the woods to take part in trying to capture some market share. It can be hard for college students to find the best deals to buy or sell their textbooks when so many companies are trying to get their business.

On the average year a student will spend approximately $900 to get the required reading material required from their teachers. This only captures one side of the transaction though. Some students choose to sell their textbooks to get some much needed instant cash. College students strapped for cash are usually standing in line to get a return at times as low as 10% to 15% of the purchase price!

Historically colleges and universities have been the central hub for all transactions but with the new functionality of the online world this industry has been shaken. You can buy, sell, and view textbooks online now. There are flocks of companies going online to try to capture this market which has been growing about 15% over the last year and anticipation is even stronger growth going forward.

The overall goal for students has been the prices of textbooks rising. A recent government study found that the prices of college textbooks have risen at twice the rate of inflation since 1986. Some answers have been putting advertising into the textbooks to renting textbooks. Although creative this hasnít solved any problems for todayís student.

Where are some alternatives for todayís student for college textbooks? One that we have come across is Buy Used Textbooks at They have taken an approach that has been needed for sometime. They are giving the control back to the students and the teachers.

College students can buy and sell their textbooks to each other with a friendly user interface. It allows them to post their book online with no fees and have other students search for it. More often or not most web sites are charging students fees to post a book and if they sell it they will take a percentage of the sale. Buy Used Textbooks also has a search engine that searches the internet for the cheapest textbook for your needs. It may be another student or another online provider that has the right textbook at the right price.

The one feature that stands out as unique is their teacher module. Buy Used Textbooks has built a teacher module that allows teachers to create their class on the web site and post their books for the students to find at the cheapest prices! Not only this but Buy Used Textbooks also gives teachers tools to interact with their students. For example they can send them grades on assignments, post their syllabus for students to view, send them emails with ease, and post online links that the teacher finds of value.

Moving forward we hope to see more from Buy Used Textbooks as they have taken a new direction in the industry of college textbooks. They have been online for more then a year now and we have seen upgrades and improvements about every month that have come from students and teachers.

Good Luck Buy Used Textbooks!