Vinco Racing is the first on the planet to offer a turbo for the Yamaha Rhino

January 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Vinco Racing announced this week that they are done testing and are producing a turbo kit for the Yamaha Rhino, one of the most popular ATVís in America.

The Vinco Racing turbo kit has been tested in various conditions and will reliably double the stock horsepower of the Yamaha Rhino.In stock form the Rhino is useful but a bit underpowered for many of the recreational activities people like to do in them. The Vinco Racing turbo shoots the Rhino to over 70mph and hits 60mph in just over 6 seconds! One main push of the kit is to work with those that have made their Rhinoís street legal in markets such as Phoenix and parts of California to give their Rhino the horsepower it needs to stay in the flow of high traffic areas. The kit is available in three different trims and prices start at about $2700.00 depending on how much power the customer wants. Vinco Racing based in Salt Lake City, Utah has been an innovator in the four and two stroke performance industry for over 15 years. They have also released a set of wheel adapters that allow Rhino owners to run truck wheels and tires to be able to meet the rigorous demands of making their Rhinoí street legal. More information can be found at