2007 PA State Darts Tournament Announced

January 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
2007 PA State Darts Tournament Dates Announced

The Pennsylvania State Dart Tournament is the most prestigious American style darting event in the world. This year, the event will take place over the weekends of January 14th through February 24th.

Being an American style dart event, the tournament uses wooden dart boards, and American style darts. Darto is the official dart of the 2007 State Tournament, although players are allowed to bring their preferred darts for use in the event. The game played during the event is Baseball.

The event consists of several weekends of qualifying tournaments, followed by the final tournament. Each qualifying tournament will have at most 16 teams, and begins at noon. Teams that are undefeated in the qualifier are placed in the winner's bracket of the final tournament. Teams that have a single loss on qualifying day are placed in the loser's bracket in the finals.

Any team that loses twice during the qualifying tournament is eliminated from the event.

Teams consist of up to four players, with three players shooting each game. There are no divisions or tiers in the State Tournament, so players are not required to bring proof of their league dart averages.

Entry fee for the PA State Dart Tournament is $45 per team for early registration, and $50 per team after January 6th.

Qualifying Dates:
Jan. 14th (Sunday)
Jan. 21st (Sunday)
Jan. 28th (Sunday)
Feb. 3rd (Saturday)
Feb. 11th (Sunday)
Feb. 17th (Saturday)

Saturday February 24th

The event is being held at the same site as last year's tournament, the Treskow Fire Company in Treskow PA. For more information on this event, and the game of American Darts in general, visit http://www.americanstyledarts.com.