Ad Hoc Electronics Promotes “Most Powerful Wireless Router Allowed By Law” For Use In Hospitality Industry

January 08, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Lindon, UT (USA) – January, 2007– Ad Hoc Electronics, a complete wireless solutions provider, has partnered with Bountiful WiFi to promote the “the most powerful wireless router allowed by law,” to the hospitality industry.

The Bountiful WiFi router available from Ad Hoc Electronics provides an ideal solution for hotels seeking to deliver strong, reliable wireless Internet access to their guests. The router’s innovative technology offers a constant and abundant wireless signal at an affordable price. Implementing the Bountiful WiFi router can increase customer satisfaction and help hotels provide guests with one of the most desirable hotel features in this Internet-reliant world.

"The Bountiful WiFi router is the most powerful wireless Internet router allowed under FCC regulations," said David Egbert, President and CEO of Bountiful WiFi. The Bountiful WiFi router outputs a signal that is just less than the 1,000 milliwatt maximum limit allowed by the FCC. Other routers commonly have an output signal that is only 100 milliwatts strong. The Bountiful WiFi router features a built-in booster/amplifier that delivers twice the range and reliability of other units on the market.

Ad Hoc Electronics is making the Bountiful WiFi router even more appealing for hospitality businesses. The wireless solutions provider has added to the strengths of the router by offering high gain antennas that are compatible with the device. High gain antennas add 10% greater range to the router, allowing the longest possible range from one Bountiful WiFi router.

With Ad Hoc Electronics’ high gain antennas, the router’s signal strength, and its 1200 ft. range, the Bountiful WiFi router is especially fit for the hospitality industry. One router placed on a hotel floor can provide reliable internet connections to all the guests on one or multiple floors in a resort. The router provides a cost-effective solution for establishing a resort-wide network that requires little maintenance.

According to Steve Oldaker, current general manager of the Comfort Inn & Suites in North Salt Lake City, UT, “The three key benefits of the Bountiful Router are its strength, coverage and dependability… I have talked with several hotels that are using other wireless solutions in order to gauge the performance of our wireless network versus theirs. The Bountiful Router consistently outperforms other products, despite the fact that I have only two routers in my hotel compared to at least eight in (others’) buildings.’”

The Salt Lake City resort provides high speed internet access to all its guests. Rooms on the third floor, even in the farthest corners from the routers, enjoy the benefit of a wireless signal running at 54 MBS and generally showing full or excellent strength. The same holds true for rooms located next to the elevators or directly above the pool. Such locations would usually disrupt a wireless signal and make it less effective, but this is not the case with the Bountiful WiFi router.

Another prominent hospitality provider, Four Seasons, will soon be implementing Bountiful WiFi routers in its resorts. Two hotels in Lanai, Hawaii will be fitted with the routers in order to provide internet access to all rooms and public areas. “I ordered a Bountiful WiFi router to test its capabilities and was pleased with the results,” said Sen Drumev, director of IT at Four Seasons. “Four Seasons is always looking for ways to please the customer; the customer is most important.”

The Bountiful WiFi router offers simple installation and maintenance along with its many other features. Bountiful WiFi is currently developing repeating and bridging technologies to extend the router’s capabilities. For additional information or resources about the Bountiful WiFi router, please visit the following pages online:

About Ad Hoc Electronics
Ad Hoc Electronics is a system integrator and distributor of wireless data transmission products, providing companies with the products and expertise they need to add wireless capability to their own systems and devices. The company integrates and distributes industry-leading products to provide turnkey wireless solutions for applications in sensor, controls and networking markets.

About Bountiful WiFi
Bountiful WiFi is the developer of the Bountiful WiFi wireless router, “the most powerful wireless router allowed by law.” Bountiful WiFi has taken wireless LAN solutions to a new level, creating technologies that give users access to the most abundant and constant wireless networks the industry has ever seen. The company designs, engineers, manufactures and implements innovative wireless Wi-Fi LAN equipment and solutions in the widely accepted 802.11b+g standard.

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