Home Business Entrepreneurs choose Predator Marketing System as the #1 Business Builder (and Education) on the Internet

January 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
For Immediate Release

Entrepreneurs Jenny Thurley and Dr. Daniel Bettiol have chosen Predator Marketing System (the brainchild of Millionaire Marketer, Al Turnquist) to increase their business with absolutely NO COST in advertising. “When Jenny and I found out that the Predator System would generate thousands of leads for FREE, we were curious how that could be done,” said Dr. Bettiol, a Chiropractor from College Station, Texas. “Now, when the system generates over 2,000 completely Spam-compliant leads on a daily basis, we look at each other in total amazement…and happiness.”

Turnquist began Predator Marketing System (PMS) in early September, 2006 as an alternative to the hundreds of worthless Internet Marketing courses being sold throughout the World. His goal was not only to provide a Marketing System that could be implemented immediately, but to also train his customers how to operate the system effectively. PMS offers beginning and advanced Internet Marketing classes 7 days a week by videoconferencing in which participants are taught by REAL MARKETERS who are presently using the techniques they teach to earn six-figure incomes on the Net.

“Danny and I always wanted our businesses to have an online presence, but we hesitated because of the high failure rate, the huge expense and the piranha-like competition,” says Ms. Thurley. “As computer novices ourselves, we felt like first-time gamblers at a Poker Tournament—-ripe for the picking. With Predator, we are getting a college level education in Marketing (without the bogus theory) at a tiny fraction of the cost.”

Turnquist and PMS are committed to educating their customers thoroughly as to REAL Internet Marketing. His videoconferencing education includes classes in:

* Basic Predator Set-up Training
* Building Gateway and Lead Capture pages
* Basic and Advanced HTML
* Search Engine Optimization
* Communication and Sequential Mailers
* Traffic Networks (Swarm)
* Non-Traditional Online Marketing Techniques
* Leadomatic, Linking & Daisy Chaining
* Team Support Questions & Answers
* and frequent Updates and Follow-up from Al Turnquist himself

Predator Marketing System not only offers the most complete training in Online Marketing on the Internet, but also offers customers the opportunity to market the PMS System to other Home Business entrepreneurs with commissions ranging from $1,100 to $3,000. “We can truly Earn while we Learn,” says Ms. Thurley, who is an Australian with a successful Herbalife distributorship. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning REAL Internet Marketing, getting to know very successful Businesspeople and expanding my primary business without breaking my bank. Predator Marketing System is the smartest investment in Time and Money I’ve ever made.”