January 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
All of America…well some of America, has been calling for an answer to the unfairness to a certain group of students when it comes to financial help with college. Well the “Average Joe Scholarship Fund” ( has provided an answer. Actually, it addresses two issues. The first one is obvious. This scholarship fund is for Caucasian males exclusively. The group usually excluded from nearly every other fund in existence. The second issue is maybe not so obvious. It gives average students with average grades from average family incomes a second chance to succeed AND financial help in getting there. No, the scholarship does not give undeserving students financial aid just because they are white males. Applicants must be serious about changing their attitudes, habits of making poor choices, and improving their academic situations. AND they must show a trend in doing so.

Some thoughts from Students;
• “The vast majority of scholarships out there favor minorities. It is a heck of a lot easier to get money for college and other things if you're not white. At my high school we have an African American club, Hispanic culture club, Asian American club, and a Phillipino Pride club. That's all well and good, I think it's great to have pride in your ethnic background and know who you are, what bugged me is what happened when I wanted to start a club. I talked to my principal about starting a Caucasian Culture club and he told me it was discriminatory.” (Written by high school female)
• “Case in point: My GPA was a couple hundredths higher than my sister, who last I checked had the same background racially and economically as me. She got scholarships, I didn't.”
(Written by twenty-something male)

And from Parents/Teachers:
• “I am glad to see that someone has finally started a fund that includes average kids. Most students fit into this area and there is nothing available for them. It makes it hard for our average, everyday student to go to college. As an educator and parent, I am happy that this is now here to meet their needs. Thank you.” (Written by ‘lcooper’- Average Joe Message Board)
• I have a couple of average joe's at home. I say hoorah!! I have been looking for scholarships, seems like forever. Of course we aren't rich enough or poor enough. AND we can forget about ethnicity. We rarely had to look past the scholarship title or the first requirement 99% of the time. It's definitely a great idea and all I can say is donate! donate! donate!
(Written by Sam65 - Average Joe Message Board)

The ‘Average Joe’ is also using a unique way of choosing the winners. In staying with the times, the Average Joe has chosen to use a “Reality” type application. Along with a short essay, applicants must submit a 3 minute video, CD or DVD of themselves explaining what made them decide to change, what their aspirations are, goals they have, and how this scholarship will aid them in attaining those goals. “We feel it will be quite beneficial in actually being able to “meet” the applicants in person,” said President and Founder, Maria Hoebeke.


If you’d like more information you can send an e-mail to or call Maria Hoebeke at 810-602-0152.