The Official launch of a brand new website for buyers and sellers of international Real Estate.

January 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
January 1st saw the release of a new cutting edge website by Twickenham based real estate brokers UNIVERSAL PROPERTY AGENTS ( website is designed to provide a service to both purchasers and vendors of real estate from one convenient user friendly location. Unlike other real estate websites, there is no commission charged for the subsequent sale of properties listed on the site, with only a small listing charge to pay to upload your property directly.

Universal Property Agents CEO, Charles Munroe explains:

“The potential property investor has become far more sophisticated due to the abundance of information available via the internet, specialist satellite TV channels and property magazines”

“We have seen the demand for foreign property investments switch from the traditional Spanish Costas to far broader and diverse investment locations, with expectations and demands for an authoritative
. We now have a cutting-edge site designed for the consumer providing a totally comprehensive service”

On reviewing the site we found that Mr. Munroe’s blinding enthusiasm was justified. It truly has been designed to be easy on the eye, and does not bombard your senses with flashing special offers, text over-kill, and pop-ups. It has an easy to use menu system and plenty of photographs which adds to an overall feel good factor.

A first time visitor to the site is required to create a login to view information and see property listings. To be fair to the tech-bods at UPA this can be achieved in a painless procedure. We questioned the company on the login in and why it was required and a spokesman for UPA explained that with having both seller and buyer accounts a certain level of security had to be maintained.
Whether every visitor to the site would agree is another matter, but the feast of information and extensive property choice that becomes available having logged in is well worth the effort.

There is a heavy Middle Eastern bias to the properties on offer, with Dubai currently offering the widest choice. The site functions well, and has some interesting features, most noticeably the much talked about seller accounts.

From a vendors perspective it is easy to see the attraction of this unique service, as you are able to upload your property directly onto the site and have it on the market instantly, as cheap as chips. Currently the only option for paying for this service is through Paypal. In so doing your property is directed at a potentially very wide client base, with different levels to increase your properties visibility.

How many enquiries you will receive is another matter, however in the highly competitive market in the Middle East, getting your property listed and the information available to the widest possible audience has to be a good thing.

For a purchaser this is a handy tool to search for resale properties, and could help you pick up a bargain property. Care must of course be taken, and resale properties must be subjected to proper due diligence and a property lawyer employed whenever possible to ensure that the bargain you have found does not turn out to be a pig in a poke.

For the general user and potential investor, there is a good selection of property investment opportunities covering office and commercial properties, in addition to residential and buy to let options. The key information points on each country are a genuine pleasure to find, and the investment guides that can be downloaded in PDF format are extremely informative, if perhaps a little wordy.

Overall although cutting edge may be a too strong a claim (a live weather feed hardly constitutes cutting edge) the website is easy to use, easy on the eye, and as Mr. Munro says, does exactly what it says on the tin.

Vendors of properties will at least benefit initially from high visibility as the majority of listings are off-plan at this time.

If UPA maintain the level of service of old continually adding features and destinations
Then there is no doubt that this site will be one of those “Secret Weapons” that the intelligent property investment junkie will keep close at hand.

Contact UPA directly on +44 (0)208 816 8910 / 0871 711 9417 or email