Online expert training company xTrain announces partnership with Splash Media, LLP.

January 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
January 9, 2007 – xTrain forms a relationship with Splash Media as both a partner and investor that allows xTrain to be fiercely competitive in terms of production values and creating a quality learning experience.

xTrain is an online video based training system with an approach is much different than the other video trainers in the online training market. xTrain was created to fill a huge gap in the online video training world. Most video training uses screen capture software and a voiceover, which makes the learner not very engaged and is quite boring to most learners. xTrain creates a much more active learning environment through high quality production, a proprietary streaming solution “Splash Stream 7.0”, and a well formatted instructional design system. xTrain caters to the social web 2.0 user who likes to rate videos and have their own profile posted. Among other things, Splash Media builds "niche" broadband network channels for viewers with extremely passionate interests. Splash uses their proprietary, award winning production technology to deliver content through the Internet and satellite to narrow and loyal audiences.

xTrain recruits the best industry experts in the field of study and its current project is to train individuals in the graphic design, web design, digital photography, and digital art industries. “The key to the online video training puzzle is to create a “fast-food like” training system that is very easy to use and has a solid foundation in instructional design,” said xTrain president Jeremy Vest. “We are partnering only with the most respected industry experts to deliver a new paradigm in online video training”.

To see a video featuring state of the art studios and xTrain president Jeremy Vest

About xTrain:
xTrain’s mission is to provide the best, the fastest and affordable training to teach professionals, students, schools, hobbyists and companies. xTrain strives to become the easiest to use online, video based, non-college training system in the world. The companies approach is simple, to the point, and it only use the best faculty in every industry. It’s adult learning model makes use of several types of learning styles insuring that everyone should “Get it” as fast as possible. xTrain does all of its training at state of the art 3D studios to insure captive learning. xTrain combines the best of technology, video, hands-on, books and seminars to create an active learning system. For more information visit

About Splash Media:
Splash Media is a Dallas-based media and technology company formed to create and deliver rich media content programming for viewers with passionate interests. Splash Media’s content is produced and broadcast to a global audience from its award winning state-of-the art production team and studios in Dallas, Texas. For more information visit

xTrain Contact:
Jeremy Vest
5010 Addison Circle
Addison, TX 75001