Turning Back the Clock: Sweet Wood Golf Company Launches its New Website SweetWoodGolf.com

January 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
With the explosion of Hi-Tech Golf Products, what happened to the simplicity?

One new company, www.SweetWoodGolf.com, states that the cure is to take the golf industry Back to its roots.

Founder of the Sweet Wood Golf Company states:

"Approximately 80 years ago the world of golf shifted from beautiful wood shafted clubs and leather grips to the modern day Steel & Graphite shafts and rubberized grips …

Obviously, technology regarding putter & iron heads for clubs has substantially improved, and Sweet Wood Golf Company capitalizes on such improvements … but what about the style of the game? That is the purpose of our company. To seamlessly integrate the beauty of the old style of the game with today's playability."

The company boasts several "golfing instruments" and insist they use only the best materials and handcrafted production techniques in the industry. With names like the "Blonde" Hickory, "Red Head" Brazilian and "Brunette" Oak for their putters, it is clear to see this company is all about being noticed on the golf course. All are available at http://www.SweetWoodGolf.com

However, it is the upcoming line of Modern-Day Hickory Irons that has really got the company excited. Sweet Wood Golf Company states, "How often can one say that they are introducing a new product into the golf industry? Rarely ever. With our Modern-Day Hickory Irons that is exactly what we are doing. By utilizing 8210 soft carbon steel iron heads, modern loft/lie angles, quality USA turned hickory shafts and PGA Tour certified slip on leather grips Sweet Wood Golf Company captures top quality playability as well as great looks!"

The real appeal for the Sweet Wood Golf Company customer is the overall return of a historical style to golf without compromising the play. The company also maintains clothing, accessories, wholesale pricing and corporate gifts on their website.

For more information visit: Http://www.SweetWoodGolf.com