Drebes Dedicated to Making Broker Business Better

January 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Karen Drebes of www.CoordinatorGroup.com has been helping brokers and agents for over 6 years with transaction management. But she’s discovered a new need, a new niche that helps brokers stay organized and productive, even when the market dips.

Brokers know it is imperative that agents stay in the field to keep income flowing and customers happy during tough times. Clients require more hand-holding and more face-to-face time with an agent during housing slumps. Each real estate transaction requires more effort.

DocManagers, a new division of www.CoordinatorGroup.com, was created to meet the demands of today’s housing market. DocManagers developer Drebes said, “When the market started changing, I had a transaction client that wanted my company to do all his office’s document management, to ensure compliance. At that time, my client managed 25 agents and felt overwhelmed by the paperwork. He wanted his agents out working, not in the office or on the computer. And, he wanted to be sure all the paperwork was completed and approved before he cut any commission checks.”

Drebes then dedicated her time to streamlining this “necessary evil” of real estate, “I’ve now organized and perfected the process to make it affordable for the broker to stay in control of the paper flow.”

In a real estate office, there is often a turnover rate that often inhibits long-term organization efforts. As the market fluctuates, this becomes more evident. Drebes created DocManagers to curtail fluctuation in service and in document handling, “We organize the process to keep things running smoothly. People say that no one likes paperwork… but we love it! And we love helping make life easier for our brokers.”

With her entrepreneurial history, Drebes says DocManagers was a natural evolution of the current changes in the Real Estate market and she’s surprised by how much she enjoys the work and what a positive impact it has had on her clients. “They love it, and many ask me why I didn’t offer this sooner!”

“Our services keep agents happy and paid on time. We don’t approve payment until the file is complete so our brokers are protected from the legal liabilities of incomplete escrow files. The brokerage stays in compliance and we keep all the paperwork of a sale on file and easy-to-access for broker and agent alike.”