Sweet Wood Golf Company Announces the Return of Hickory Golf. Thus beginning a "Retro Phase" for the entire industry

January 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Sweet Wood Golf Company announces the return of Hickory Golf, thus beginning a "Retro Phase" for the entire industry.

While current golf club manufacturers scramble to "out do" each other regarding products by fighting mainly over the newest technology in the industry…the Sweet Wood Golf Company(http://www.SweetWoodGolf.com)takes a unique approach. The company looks to utilize the technologies of today but preserve the look & feel of yesteryear.

Founder of the Sweet Wood Golf Company states:

"Approximately 80 years ago the world of golf shifted from beautiful wood shafted clubs and leather grips to the modern day Steel & Graphite shafts and rubberized grips …

Obviously, technology regarding putter & iron heads for clubs has substantially improved, and Sweet Wood Golf Company capitalizes on such improvements … but what about the style of the game? That is the purpose of our company. To seamlessly integrate the beauty of the old style of the game with today's playability."

And with this in mind, so begins the "RETRO PHASE" of the golf industry. A counter culture of golfers who desire the look and feel of the original game but don't want to compromise on today's performance.

The company boasts several "golfing instruments" and insist they use only the best materials and handcrafted production techniques in the industry. With names like the "Blonde" Hickory, "Red Head" Brazilian and "Brunette" Oak for their putters, it is clear to see this company is all about being noticed on the golf course. As well, they have a complete PW through 3 Iron Modern-Day Hickory set which will be available soon.

All products are available at http://www.SweetWoodGolf.com along with other select vedors.