Award winning educators, celebrities and business leaders contribute to documentary on Educational Excellence.

January 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Educational Excellence In America is working with CASABLANCA Productions on a documentary about Excellence in Education. During the course of production, we have interviewed some of the top educational professionals, administrators and teachers in the country. Their successful results, often in spite of overwhelming odds, are truly inspirational. We are currently interviewing business leaders and celebrities to include their stories and insight into this project.

Some of the people we have interviewed are, Jaclyn Smith (Actress/Designer), Rafe Esquith (Oprah Winfrey's Use Your Life Award, National Medal of Arts Recipient / Disney Teacher of the Year), Dr. Mel Levine (Co-Founder, All Kinds of Minds Institute with Charles Schwab), Yvonne Chan (Vaughn Charter School Founder and Principal), Rick Lavoie (Arthur of “Last One Picked, First One Picked On: The Social Implications of Learning disabilities”), Abigail Thernstrom (Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute), Ed Hallowell (Founder of The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health), Peggy O’Brien (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) and many more.

Excellence in Education documentary asks and investigates questions such as:

1) How can a Chinese immigrant, running a school in the poorest of Hispanic neighborhoods, outperform some of the best schools in America?
2) Why does a public elementary school with a capacity of 250 students have a waiting list of 300?
3) Why did 17,000 of the top graduates from schools like Harvard, Georgetown, Princeton and Yale apply for 2,000 teaching jobs in the worst rural and inner-city schools in the country?
4) Why are kids with above average IQ’s, who have been failing for years, finally
becoming excited about the joys of learning?
5) Why should teachers have a say in the curriculum that they teach.
6) How can a fifth grade teacher in an underperforming public school in Los Angeles, produce students that are sought after by the most prominent private schools in the area?

Educational Excellence In America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to discovering and promoting the best teachers, schools, and educational techniques in the country. Teachers, like everyone else, need role models and this documentary offers some unique and inspiring role models while delving into what makes good education. Our mission is to encourage all teachers, administrators and the public to demand and become involved in QUALITY educational systems. We want to expose the excellent classrooms and learning environments that are seldom discussed in the media and ask the simple question, “Why aren’t all schools this good?”

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