January 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News is the right site for the right place and the right time. Recently launched this site provides an all-in-one solution for college students, whether it is research or just having fun. seems to be in the right place at the right time. With the rebirth of the Web 2.0 truly rising in the 18-24 year old marketplace this new website is designed for the college age student and gives them the ability to communicate, create, store, print or email their research and class assignments all from one easy-to-use Web environment.

The base Web environment consists of theBackpack section. From here students can access any number of Web tools, myResearch, myLinks, myNotes, myMedia, myPapers – an online Word processing feature, myBlog, myRSSFeeds, myChat, myWeather and even myHoroscope. They can also share videos or listen to the Indie music selection available on the site. Artists like Peter Toh and IncidentalBliss are featured in theMusic section.

But this is just one part of the site. At its core is theResearchCenter. Here students are able to search pre-qualified, discipline specific, dynamically updated research materials all from an open access search engine. Students can also submit links they find valuable. All this works towards making Web research better and more efficient.

Additionally the site boasts an academic community networked by major. Here students from around the world can communicate with their others in the same major. They can share ideas and notes or discuss classes in theClassForums. Each student gets a StudentID/Profile in which they can receive messages and Door notes from friends or their Roommates.

They can also visit theStudentUnion where they can find job listings from Indeed® or listen to over a hundred different college Web radio stations. They also have the option of shopping at theBookstore – an Amazon® powered affiliate shop which carries items direct from Amazon®.

Associated Press news is fed dynamicaly everyday to theNews section along with access to The New York Times digital edition. Students can also link up to hundreds of college newspapers as well as get the latest tech news. They can also access live sports news from collegiate or professional teams.

According to Harris Polls Interactive the current population of US college students is nearing 17 million and given their $175 Billion dollar spending power this site seems poised to capture an extensive part of that market due to its motto of “Search Less. Find More”. College students are also the perfect audience for this site given the fact that they are consistently early adopters of new technology. Soon they be making available theCampusTours. Here high school students will be able to virtually visit campuses from around the country.

All said this seems to be the right site at the right place at the right time.