Real Action Paintball Releases T68 Gen3: The Ultimate Paintball Pistol

January 17, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Real Action Paintball ( is proud to announce the release of the NEW T68 Gen3 Paintball Pistol. Our new paintball pistol is designed with versatility and enables you to play all types of paintball games: woodsball, speedball, commanding roles and front-lines duties.
Images of the T68 Paintball Pistol:

The T68 Pistol is known for its reliability, durability and accuracy. It has the highest rating on of all paintball pistols on the market today with a rating of 9.9 / 10.

It offers more versatility:
As a paint pistol, the T68 Gen3 Paintball Pistol comes with a 10 round removable magazine that you can quickly replace with the hopper a adaptor. Thus, you can rapidly change the paint pistol into a normal-capacity marker and our stocks, barrels, and sights turn it the rest of the way into a full-size marker in moments.
T68 Gen3 Sniper Pistol Kit

More accurate:
Need primary-marker-accuracy from your T68 Gen3 Paintball Pistol? Attached a longer barrel to take impossible shots!
T68 Gen3 Tactical Pistol 2 Package

More Tactical:
Add the stock kit to the T68 Gen3 Paintball Pistol in less than a minute and you have a tactical advantage: the flexi-air stock has the air adaptor kit it in that allows you to hook up a remote line directly to the butt stock or connect a larger air tank as well. This system replaces 12grams with your constant air or compressed air tank for long games.

T68 Gen3 Paintball Pistol is an all-in-one paintball marker that can change with the dynamics of the game. The playing field is ever-changing - and so should you be.

The specs:
Weight: 2.4 lbs
Length: 13"
Width: 1.1"
Height: 8"

Key feature of the new T68 Pistol include:
-.68 Caliber Paintball Pistol
-Semi-Automatic Fire
-10 Round Removable Magazine
-New Delrin Bolt Design
-Quick Release Magazine
-Quick Field Strip Design
-Finger Friendly Trigger Shoe
-High Grade Metal Body Construction
-Anti Double Feed System
-Precision Barrel
-Quick Co2 Replacement
-Adjustable Velocity from 250-300+ fps
-Ultra Soft No-Slip Contoured Rubber Grips
-Push Button Safety
-Range: 0-150+ Feet
-Cycle Rate: 16 BPS (max)

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