Spheric Technologies Introduces SPHERIC/SYNO-THERM™ High-Temperature Continuous Horizontal Microwave Furnaces

January 27, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Spheric Technologies, Inc., marketer of patented high-temperature microwave powdered metal and ceramic processing systems, announced the availability of new SPHERIC/SYNO-THERM™ high-temperature continuous horizontal microwave furnaces. Each furnace is custom-manufactured by Syno-Therm Co., Ltd, China’s largest microwave furnace producer. Spheric Technologies is the exclusive distributor for Syno-Therm microwave equipment in the Western Hemisphere.

Principal specifications:

Maximum temperature 1700° C
Frequency 2450 MHz
Tunnel running speed 15~60mm/min adjustable
Temperature measuring IR sensor and thermo-couple
Convey Belt, push-pad, push-boat
Power 12-200kW

“The SPHERIC/SYNO-THERM line represents the state-of-the-art in industrial microwave design,” said Spheric Technologies President Joseph Hines. “Asia is far more advanced than the U.S. in the use of microwave sintering systems,” which are used to form complex industrial parts by heating (below the melting point) metal or ceramic powders until they adhere. Microwave furnaces typically use up to 80% less energy than conventional sintering units, producing in as little as one-tenth the time stronger, finer-grained parts, with less deformation and cracking, according to a report by Penn State and Japan’s National Institute for Fusion Science.

Spheric Technologies is marketing advanced SPHERIC/SYNO-THERM furnaces together with sublicenses for microwave sintering based on technology patents developed by Penn State’s world-recognized Microwave Processing and Engineering Center.

Spheric Technologies offers other advanced high-capacity SPHERIC/SYNO-THERM microwave furnaces, including continuous vertical furnaces and batch furnaces.

About Spheric Technologies, Inc.

Spheric Technologies develops, licenses, acquires and commercializes critical technologies to support the production of advanced industrial materials and products. The company markets patented SPHERIC/SYNO-THERM high-temperature microwave sintering systems for powdered metals and advanced ceramics, and is developing microwave treatment systems for the mining and wastewater industries. The company has also developed patented technologies for the production of high-purity, small particle metal oxides. Phoenix-based Spheric Technologies’ management team is experienced in building successful companies with strong R&D, robust intellectual property portfolios, and productive employees. For more information, visit www.SphericTech.com, or call 602-218-9292.