AlpineV Pre-Launch of “Real” Supplement Drink and Opportunity

February 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
AlpineV has announced the official pre-launch of its AlpineV™ Dietary Supplement and the AlpineV™ Business Opportunity. This pre-launch phase allows U.S. residents to signup for distributorships, purchase product at wholesale pricing, and recruit distributors throughout the United States and its territories.

"We have been planning and preparing for this moment since December of 2005," said Lonny Stanford, co-founder of AlpineV. "Our product is impeccable, our business model is solid and our culture is infectious. We invite all of those who are tired of all the empty products and promises of network marketing to try something real for a change. We offer a real dietary supplement and a real business opportunity for those willing to take advantage of a strong start-up company that is AlpineV."

In the network marketing industry, pre-launch is a phase where a new company is fully functioning, officially opens for business, and remains flexible to adjust to the needs of its distributors and customers. Pre-launch typically lasts for a few months up to a year. AlpineV plans on a six month pre-launch.

”AlpineV provides the first drink in its class to reveal the potency of its main ingredient,” said Mike Haynes, co-founder of AlpineV. “In fact it is a full 25 grams of alpine sandthorn berry per two ounce serving. It is the first drink of its kind with water as a distant second ingredient and one of very few drinks in the industry bottled preservative free. The company also provides a compensation plan for distributors that pays, out more, sooner and deeper than the competition, while offering a free website, back office and marketing tools to run a distributorship.”

The alpine sandthorn berry is known as Hippophae rhamnoides to scientists. It is a tart-to-sweet fruit that flourishes in the alpine regions of Europe and Asia. It is noted for its unique ability to survive in the harshest of conditions of cold and shallow soil. Those interested in the alpine sandthorn berry are encouraged to search for "Hippophae rhamnoides" at and An informative article on the berry, written by medical anthropologist Dr. John Heinerman, can be found at

AlpineV is also an open, distributor-focused business opportunity in the network marketing industry. To learn more visit

About AlpineV - AlpineV is a premium functional juice beverage and a network marketing business opportunity. AlpineV is made with the Alpine Sandthorn Berry, an exotic super-fruit found in the alpine regions of Europe and Asia. AlpineV is managed and operated by Functional Brands, LLC, a product development, marketing and business opportunity company. The company's driving force is to create and distribute functional products that enhance the health of users, the wealth of distributors and the holistic interests of the company. For more information regarding AlpineV or Functional Brands, contact Functional Brands, LLC at or visit the AlpineV website at

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