Invent-Tech inventors help individuals boost their health, appearance and self-confidence in the New Year

February 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The term "New Yearís resolution" is familiar to everyone. Many people choose the New Year as a benchmark opportunity to improve themselves. People vow to go back to school and further their careers; they intend to spend more time with their families or volunteer their time to help others in need; and, often, they are determined to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

The goal of physical fitness is a very important one because, without good health, it is far more difficult to succeed in any other personal or professional goal. While the pursuit of six-pack abs and bulging biceps may not be for everyone, regular exercise is important to maintain oneís health, with the added benefit of a fit figure and the sense of accomplishment that accompanies achieving such a goal.

In order to improve their physical fitness, people need equipment that is compact, convenient and user-friendly coupled with sincere determination. Invent-Tech now introduces several innovations in fitness equipment that will help individuals incorporate an effective exercise routine into their lives and achieve their personal fitness goals.

As a physical education teacher and athletic director, Seth P. of California tried many different ways to encourage students to exercise. He found that pedometers helped to motivate them, but they were too basic for students in todayís technological age.

In order to satisfy their expectations, Seth invented the Video Game Pedometer, creating an interesting, interactive device that will motivate individuals to exercise. Through its unique design, the Video Game Pedometer guides users through a day of active living, which they can apply every day for the rest of their lives.

This innovation could greatly impact the health of the world, particularly in countries such as the United States that are experiencing obesity crises. With simple application and an affordable design, the Video Game Pedometer could make fitness fun for everyone.

W.G.B., created by Gauvain M. & Crucita M. of Florida, packages a full gym workout into a convenient form factor that individuals can carry and use anywhere. This product enables people who would ordinarily remain sedentary throughout the day to fit in a quick and effective workout. Such a product can undoubtedly make an impact on rising obesity rates and therapy success for disabled individuals, as well as improving the average consumerís fitness overall.

Individuals will no longer make excuses about not having enough time to get to the gym or fit in a workout; with W.G.B., they can perform some of the most effective exercises in the spare moments of their day. Best of all, W.G.B. features a simple, compact, lightweight and affordable design that can come in styles to appeal to individual preferences.

Gauvain and Crucita have developed a prototype of W.G.B., which is available for review under the appropriate terms and conditions of confidentiality.

Finally, a breakthrough new invention created by Andrew M. of New Mexico enables users to achieve a full-body workout while exercising on a treadmill. APM Bands work in conjunction with most treadmills on the market, offering an added dimension to the fitness routine.

APM Bands grant results with a unique design that integrates strength and aerobic training while saving users time. Fitness conscious individuals who enjoy a workout on the treadmill will immediately recognize the advantages of this affordable invention.

Andrew has developed a prototype of APM Bands, which is available for review under the appropriate terms and conditions of confidentiality.

Invent-Tech® is the nationís preeminent Inventor Assistance company and is handling the publicity and public relations for these innovations and many more. Additional information about the Video Game Pedometer, W.G.B., APM Bands or other products may be obtained by contacting the Publicity/Press Department of Invent-Tech at (800) 940-9020 ext. 2285 or at These clever new inventions represent just a few of the helpful innovations our clients have invented to boost individualsí health, appearance and self-confidence in the New Year.