Popular European Discount Travel Planning Company Now Offers Online Support in 13 Languages

February 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
EuroBookings.com has proven its commitment to international travelers once again by adding support for 12 additional languages to its travel planning website http://www.eurobookings.com. Visitors can now click on one of the 13 flag icons to instantly convert the entirety of the website content into their preferred language. The 13 languages now available are English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Russian, and Greek.

“The European market is our primary clientele. And although most Europeans also speak English, we feel that connecting with our clients in their native language is a critical gesture of appreciation. The move reflects our commitment to ‘beyond average’ customer service,” says Marcel Stillekens, owner of EuroBookings.com.

Stillekens says that within Europe, the most popular travel destination is France. He says that around 25% of those searching for hotel information in France, 17% of people are searching specifically for Paris hotels. EuroBookings.com lists more than 580 Paris hotels through its Paris hotels search portal located at: http://www.eurobookings.com/cities/paris-city-destinations.html. Stillkens says that the number of Paris hotels the company books for is similar in number to other popular cities, making the translation into 13 languages quite a challenge.

In the early days of the internet, translation—particularly instant translation into multiple languages at the click of a button, was extremely challenging. Today, adding multilingual capabilities to websites has become simpler, but still a feature that many websites overlook, even in the travel and tourism industry where offering a variety of languages makes critical business sense.

“The move to an on-demand multilingual website was certainly for business reasons but the decision stems from a commitment and a challenge to make EuroBookings.com the most useful and user-friendly travel planning resource of its kind,” Stillekens says.

In addition to making the site available in 13 different languages, the strategic planning team at EuroBookings.com has launched a plan for a host of other user-friendly initiatives based on the interactive and networking capabilities offered by the internet.

“Most sites organize hotel offers by their star rating, but we’ve found that travelers aren’t necessarily looking for stars. Instead, they are trying to find hotels that other people recommend and enjoy, which is the reason we chose to build in a ranking based on site user popularity.” EuroBookings.com is currently developing several internet applications scheduled to launch in 2007 that will help travelers make decisions based on the collective information of other world travelers.

“The community of people that travel for business and pleasure are a unique community with a common understanding. Travelers are excited to share their experiences with others. The internet is the ideal medium in which to harness all of that information and sense of community and put it to use in a way that empowers travelers throughout the world,” says Stillekens.

About EuroBookings.com: EuroBookings.com http://www.eurobookings.com is a Holland-based travel and tourism company that offers deep discount rates on Paris hotels and other popular European hotel destinations. Per it’s commitment to its customers and the traveling community, EuroBookings.com offers translation in 13 languages, and charges no reservation fees, no cancellation fees, and no advance payments for trip planners.