Global Resorts Network MLM Helps Boost Coastal Vacations Sales

February 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News

A new home based business opportunity called Global Resorts Network MLM is helping to boost sales for established travel veteran Coastal Vacations. The largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the top rated Coastal Vacations program reports record January sales with competition from the new startup. Learn more about the ultra-successful group at .

Coastal Vacations Sales Center conference call host Dean Marino reported the record sales. Actual sales totals were not available, but the new record was confirmed by sales manager Hoyt Farmer with several days left in the month. Marino noted increased interest in Coastal Vacations since startup Global Resorts Network MLM began pre-launch operations two months ago.

Marino is a top level Director in the Coastal Vacations program. He explained that travel and tourism is the largest industry in the world and it is a no-brainer that someone like Global Resorts Network MLM would create a home based business model to try to get some of the huge market share enjoyed by the 12-year-old Coastal Vacations program.

Marino feels Global Resorts Network MLM offers a good product. The ability to book week-long luxury timeshare condos at deeply discounted prices on the internet is similar to a popular portion of the Coastal Vacations travel package. According to Marino, that's were many of the similarities end.

Global Resorts Network MLM does not downplay the fact that their members are involved in multi level marketing. They refer to the pay plan they offer as "perpetual leverage" and members can be paid at several levels. For many new to the home based business arena, the MLM tag is a huge negative. Many would be ashamed to inform friends and relatives they are involved with multi level marketing.

Los Angeles based Director Marino explained that Global Resorts Network MLM has done an excellent job of showing potential home based business owners the advantages of the travel industry. At over six trillion dollars a year, the funds exchanged in the travel and tourism business continue to grow in double digits. Trend experts predict the growth trend to continue as baby boomers retire over the next 15 years. Cruise companies have larger ships on order and Airbus has several orders for their A380. It is the largest passenger airliner ever produced.

Marino feels that MLM veterans who were involved with Amway and others will not have a problem with the MLM stigma attached to Global Resorts Network MLM. For the vast majority of home based business seekers who see the growth potential travel offers, the MLM stigma of Global Resorts Network MLM is something to be avoided. Those people are finding a comfortable direct sales business model with Coastal Vacations in record numbers.

Advantages over Global Resorts Network MLM are plentiful for Coastal Vacations. Many have seen new startups like Global Resorts Network MLM go out of business in their first year. Contrast that with the stability offered by Coastal Vacations' track record of over 12 years as a top rated home based business.

Maximum commissions with Global Resorts Network MLM are about $1000. Coastal Vacations members report average commissions in excess of $3000 per sale.

Those considering a new home based business see Global Resorts Network MLM's "cash only" policy as a red flag. They see many advantages to the financial leverage of using major credit cards to purchase Coastal Vacations travel packages.

Coastal Vacations has offered a unique, ultra-successful business model that has helped explode their membership rolls over the last two years. The Coastal Vacations Sales Center offers the maximum support new home based business owners crave. A full time staff operates out of their Tempe Arizona offices to handle many of the details for members so they don't have to.

Unlike Global Resorts Network MLM, Coastal Vacations Sales Center members don't need to make phone calls, take calls, follow up, close sales, or collect funds. They are able to leverage their time and attain success on a part time basis. Sales have been finalized for members while they are on cruise ships, planes, at the beach and enjoying time with their families.

Respected Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino offers a valuable report detailing success strategies with Coastal Vacations. The report is available at no charge just for the asking at .