Global Positioning System (GPS) Internet vehicle tracking can save the life of your teen

February 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Byesville, OHIO, February 13, 2007: Millennium Plus GPS systems have opened a new avenue to parents looking to keep their teens safe. Millennium Plus GPS systems allow parents to monitor, supervise and provide guidance to their teens both behind the wheel and in their day-to-day lives. It’s no secret that teens drive one way when parents are in the car versus when they’re not. With Millennium Plus GPS you can help keep your teens out of danger.

Two out of five deaths among U.S. teens are the result of a motor vehicle crash. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2004) Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers who drive. Drivers between the age of 16 and 24 are twenty times more likely to find themselves in a car accident than any other age group. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administraton)

Teenage drivers are at a higher risk for being in a car crash because:

· Lack of driving experience – The first few years of driving are the most dangerous; don’t let inexperience behind the wheel harm your child.

· A tendency to take risks while driving – Teens are more likely to be influenced by peer pressure and distractions. This can lead to reckless driving and speeding.

· Feeling of invincibility – Teens believe they’re going to live forever and that influences their behavior behind the wheel of their 3,000 pound car.

These 3 things combined are a deadly combination.

But Millennium Plus GPS is a tool that allows parents to monitor and protect their teenage drivers.

When parents urge their teen to be careful driving, they reply "yeah, yeah, yeah." Then once they turn the corner with the car, you just keep your fingers crossed and wonder, how does my teenager "really" drive? Well, now you’ll know for sure! If they speed or do something with the car you don’t approve of, you’ll know.

"The bottom line is that your teenager’s life and safety is priceless. Leave Nothing to Chance!! Know everything about your teen’s driving! Better safe than sorry. Your teenager doesn’t have the wisdom of an adult yet. That’s why they need your close supervision and attention. You can record the whereabouts of your teen’s car including location and speed plus many other features with a GPS system. Millennium Plus GPS will help you do your job of being a parent to keep your teen driver safe and injury-free. Peace of Mind is now affordable". Lillie Davis -