Knowledge / Growth Support Offers FREE E-Cards for Chinese New Year

February 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
HONG KONG – Knowledge/Growth Support, a high-quality document processing service, announced today it is offering to the public free access to its electronic greeting card (e-card) service. Anyone has free access to the service.

The e-card facility features dozens of high-quality cards for a variety of purposes, including the coming Chinese New Year. Also included in the current catalogue are the “Faces of Tibet”, “Puppies”, and “Tibetan Monks” series. Each card can be easily customized by changing the greeting or adding a personal message that is up to 2000 characters long.

The new e-card delivery service, which offers some of the most unique images available on the Internet, were created by KGSupport and are royalty-free for you to download and use. Visit them at

About Knowledge / Growth Support (

Knowledge / Growth Support is an online English Language Document service centre that delivers high-quality English review and editing as well as document processing services, available 24-hours-a-day. KGSupport is quick and simple, responsive and reliable, and flexible and cost-effective in the delivery of high-quality document processing services.

The company’s services are primarily geared toward Document Editing and Formatting, with a particular focus on English Language Review.

Knowledge/Growth Support services also include: Word Processing and Transcription, through which voice recorded correspondences, reports, conferences, and other business activities are converted into readable transcripts based on client requirements (i.e. MS Word document, PDF file, etc.); Document Comparison, for detailed reports on disparities between audio and/or video transcriptions and written versions; Document Conversion, for changing one document format into another while retaining its professional formatting; Paper Document to Digital File Conversion for turning paper files into searchable digital information using the latest OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and the best high-resolution scanners that convert hard-copy files into fully searchable digital files, inclusive of the services of trained and experienced personnel who will review, compare, and correct lapses in the OCR output to ensure accurate digital versions of the files; One-on-One English Review for in-depth reviews of documents for one-on-one, question-and-answer sessions during which suggested changes to a particular document are discussed in greater detail; and Advanced English Training, which works towards the progress of a writer’s knowledge and skill set in formal written English.