Holiday Resales Announces Timeshare Sales Milestone

February 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Seattle—Holiday Resales, a division of Holiday Group, announced today that it has exceeded 30,000 timeshare sales since its inception. Starting with just two employees in 1992, Holiday today employs over 100 people in Seattle and Las Vegas, and has become one of the largest and most respected timeshare resale companies in the U.S.

"Holiday's success reflects that of the entire timeshare industry," said C.O.O. Alan Renberger, "but as retail prices increase, more people are discovering the bargains in resale timeshares, which are typically more than fifty percent off retail."

A recent Ernst & Young study noted a nine percent increase in timeshare sales for 2005 over the prior year, raising the number of U.S. households that own at least one timeshare to 4.1 million. The study also reported an average retail timeshare price of $17,797—as compared, for example, with Holiday's average resale price of $3,000.

Although the resales segment of the timeshare industry continues to grow, compared to retail, it has been a relative secret. A March 2005 article in National Geographic Traveler summed up the situation as it then stood: "The bargains are in resales, but most people don't realize they even exist."

That appears to be changing. "Holiday has enjoyed steady growth since we've been in business," said Renberger, "and we're starting to see even more interest in timeshare resales. Our Web site is getting over 100,000 visitors a month."

One contributing factor to the popularity of timeshare is the "graying" of the baby boomers. A new article, "The Boomers Are Coming," written by Holiday president, David Skinner, examines how the popularity of timeshare has coincided with the "baby boom effect," and how the retirement of the "boomers" will benefit the entire vacation industry, including timeshare. The article may be accessed at .

About Holiday Group

Holiday's online timeshare business connects thousands of vacation buyers with discount timeshares every year. Founded in 1992, Holiday was one of the first timeshare companies to host a comprehensive Web site. Holiday is headquartered in sunny Seattle. For more information, visit .


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