Accessorizes Boomers’ Eyes

February 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Reading glasses are the new essential fashion accessory and the market is massive according to LLC spokesman Mark Levit

Presbyopia, a non-preventable condition affecting people over 40 now affects 80 million Baby Boomers in America. Presbyopia is a condition in which the elasticity of the eye naturally decreases causing close up vision to be blurred.

“Most Baby Boomers don’t wish to wear the bland styles of reading glasses their parents wore. They are style and quality conscious,” said Levit. “Boomers view reading glasses as an opportunity to express their individual personalities and moods.” Many Baby Boomers purchase multiple pairs at the same time for different occasions, outfits, and even to have extra pairs handy in every room of the house.

Levit continued, “As a retailer and distributor of designer reading glasses, advises customers to consider quality first. Aspheric lenses, for example, render less visual distortion than traditional lenses. Lenses manufactured from polycarbonate deliver still clearer vision.”

Frame construction is important too. A quality plastic frame made of laminated acetate or Zyl is durable and will maintain its color. Metal frames should be made from substances such as nickel-free Monel which is hypoallergenic. Those are what is referred to as “optical quality frames.”

“Reading glasses can be stylish and fun and are no longer a symbol of aging. They’re an essential addition to every Baby Boomer’s wardrobe,” concluded Levit. is the leading online resource for quality designer reading glasses. The web site is operated by LLC. For more information visit