Blooming of Tulips in Holland Reflect a Shift in the Collective Interests of European Travelers

February 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
According to the staff at, world travelers are ready to close out the winter chapter and anxious for spring to blossom. Web statistics reveal that interest in winter-time locations and activities has slowed and that a growing number of European travelers are now searching for hotels in Amsterdam that will bring them closer to the miles of Holland tulips that are in full bloom between February and April.

“We can almost always predict which places and events throughout Europe will be the most exciting and draw the largest crowds. As the seasons change and events unfold throughout the year, we can see the collective consciousness of travelers shift by analyzing our web traffic,” says Marcel Stillekens, owner of says that analysis of their web traffic statistics acts almost like a hypothetical ‘barometer’ that measures the excitement around upcoming events around Europe and acts as an indicator of the collective interests of today’s travelers.

The staff predicts that the season of ‘Holandia tulipanes’ or ‘Holland tulips’ will be a smart travel choice for those who, like the changing of the seasons, are ready to close out one chapter of their life and begin another. “Holland during this time of year feels full of endless beauty and boundless possibilities,” Stillekens adds.

Web statistics reveal an increased number of people arriving at web pages that list hotels in Amsterdam after searching for variations of keyword ‘Holland tulips.’ Consequently, has experienced an increase in conversion rates on hotel bookings in Amsterdam and throughout the countryside of Holland.

Other popular locations this year according to web stats analysis are the new Club Quarters hotel in London’s Trafalgar and the area of Berlin Germany where surfers are searching for and booking stays at various hotels in the area through the site’s Germany hotel portal located at

“Watching the interest level of various locations ebb and flow throughout the year through statistics offers an insight that is not visible from the point of view of the information seeker—it’s very interesting. We feel that by sharing this information we can shed light on some of the events and locations that are likely to be upcoming hotspots for travelers throughout the year,” says Stillekens.

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