Online Homeschooling Company Announces Chevy Aveo Give-Away Winner

February 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Clarkston, MI Learning By Grace, Inc. ( announced today its winner of The Great Grace Giveaway. Maureen Bracellari, a Clarkston mother of two, has won a new Chevrolet Aveo which she happily drove off the lot of Lunghamer Chevrolet.

I have to admit I was pretty skeptical. My friends all told me to make sure it was for real before I got excited. There are just so many scams going around these days that you can never be too sure. (Laughs)

Maureen had some bad experiences with the public school. Her older daughter had trouble transitioning into a new school and found it difficult to fit in with the new kids in a new environment.

I wasnt wild about some of the academic programs in the school either. I chose to go the homeschooling route to avoid the headaches I experienced.

She decided to avoid those headaches by enrolling her younger daughter, Samantha, in The Jubilee Academy (

I loved the flexibility and the control of homeschooling most. Being able to make decisions as to what my child learns and how she learns is wonderful. For instance, sometimes we would have classes during the day or at night, depending on what fit my schedule the best. Its easy to catch up on the weekends if we have to miss a day here or there. As far as control goes, I loved knowing exactly what my child was learning. When I sent my elder son to the public school, I had no way of knowing what he was being exposed to. When I homeschooled my daughter, I was able to have control over what she learned.

My favorite part about homeschooling with Learning By Grace was the curriculum itself. I was very impressed with the textbooks, CDs, and other materials. The layout of the program was very intuitive and easy to use. Once I became familiar with the homeroom structure, it was a breeze to guide my child in her assignments throughout the year. I also appreciated the availability of the teachers. They were only a phone call away when I had questions about the program or the assignments. As a new homeschooler, its nice having that helping hand.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Maureens husband and daughter were involved in a car accident that resulted in the destruction of their previous vehicle. Although her husband and daughter were uninjured, the loss of the vehicle was difficult to overcome. Fortunately, she was able to acquire her brand new Chevrolet Aveo from Learning By Grace a few weeks later.

When Maureen was asked what she liked most about the car, she replied, The fact that its smaller and more fuel-efficient is a big plus. Gas prices are so high these days that Im sure Ill be able to save money with the Aveo. I have a cousin graduating high school in Georgia. Since I live in Michigan, I wasnt sure Id be able to make it down. But now that I have a fuel-efficient vehicle, I think well try to head down this summer. What a blessing! My 50th birthday is also coming up and I cant imagine a better birthday present!

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