Motor Expo 2007 Sets the Stage for Competing Futuristic Technologies Under Concept “Future Vehicles Stun the World”

February 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
February 2007 — Demonstrating its readiness, Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd. as Organizer of the “24th THAILAND INTERNATIONAL MOTOR EXPO 2007” to be held during November 29 – December 10, 2007 at IMPACT Challenger 1-3, Muang Thong Thani, was able to announce the slogan “Future Vehicles Stun the World” to the mass media and others concerned as early as the beginning of 2007.

Mr. Kwanchai Paphatphong, Chairman of Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd. and Organizing Chairman of the “24th THAILAND INTERNATIONAL MOTOR EXPO 2007” explained the basis for this year’s slogan, “On this fast revolving planet many phenomena happen, but only some can so “stun” the world as to almost stop its revolution. Futuristic technologies that car makers apply to vehicles today and plan to incorporate in future models are undeniably some of the world-stunning phenomena, because they are full of miracles created by the brains of automotive engineers”.

To answer what are the excellences in future vehicles that we can soon lay a hand on, we can define the attributes simply as convenience, safety and economy—which may not be exactly rousing but surprisingly embrace the miracles of technology.

Convenience is the first quality that car users seek, and the future vehicle will respond with drive-by-wire system that controls driving with electronics, eliminating the need to press the accelerator, push the brake pedal or change gear anymore. Other convenient features for the driver and passengers will also abound such as key card to open the door and start the engine without using key, head-up display of instrument readings and data by projecting the information in 4 colours onto the windscreen to enable clear and quick reading in only half the time, temperature controlled seat cushions that keep the bodies at “comfortable” level all the time, and self-adjusting headlight system that automatically adjusts direction and beam elevation for clearer view in all road environments especially on winding roads.

Safety is an attribute that gets special attention from automotive engineers. We thus see auto-drive lanes where vehicle movements, i.e. steering, speed and hence maintenance of appropriate distance from the front running vehicle, can be automatically controlled by lane recognition system and onboard speed and direction
management system employing radar and sensors. Plus the impact speed reduction system which emits 100-meter forward guiding high frequency that warns of objects in the travel lane and activates additional braking force and tightening of safety belt when necessary.

Likewise for the continually developed braking system that can now apply the brake in anticipation of the driver’s wish to reduce speed or make an emergency stop, as indicated by swiftly taking his foot off the gas pedal. Apart from consideration of passenger safety, automotive engineers also care for the environment and try to invent engines that suit the various “clean” energies from natural gas to electricity, with the ultimate goal being fuel cells with hydrogen as the fuel.

The last quality that is no less important than cleanliness is economy, which is attained not only from modern engines, but also from aerodynamically shaped bodies, the best of which now has a coefficient of drag as low as 0.19.

So to set up the “24th THAILAND INTERNATIONAL MOTOR EXPO” as virtually a stage for competing automotive technologies, we set the theme for Motor Expo this year with the slogan “Future Vehicles Stun the World”.


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