February 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Signature Wellness Focuses on Optimizing Health, Minimizing Effects of Aging

Charlotte, NC — A new kind of medical practice for people who aren’t sick but want to feel better opened in Charlotte this month. Called “Signature Wellness, The Center for Optimal Health” the practice offers individualized consultation for weight management, nutrition, fitness, hormone balancing and other strategies to help people feel and function their best.

“We’re not here to replace your primary care physician; we’re here to help you in ways that ‘regular doctors’ usually don’t says Deborah Matthew, MD, founder and medical director of Signature Wellness. “If you feel well but want to do everything you can to maintain that status no matter what your age, there are lots of ways we may be able to help.”

In addition to Dr. Matthew, the team at Signature Wellness includes Jeff Babb, MD, and specially trained consultants in nutrition, fitness and weight loss. They will see patients in a newly renovated suite of offices (Ballantyne Commons East, 15105 John J. Delaney Dr., Charlotte, NC, 1-888-8WELLMD, 704 752 9346) providing comfort, privacy and sophisticated testing facilities.
The new practice offers a variety of services ranging from single visit consultations to comprehensive ongoing programs at the individual, executive and corporate levels. The ongoing membership programs assure patients the professional support, progress monitoring and encouragement that are often essential to maintaining gains.

Services available at Signature Wellness include weight management and fitness programs for any goal, nutrition assessment and recommendations, customized nutrition supplement formulas based on sophisticated individual testing, and expert hormone balancing including natural bio-identical hormones for both men and women.

“We combine cutting-edge medical concepts with an integrative approach to create a customized roadmap to wellness and healthy aging for each patient,” says Dr. Matthew. “We all know people who look and feel older than their years, and others who seem younger. We can’t stop or reverse the aging process – no one can – but our combination of medical science and guided individual effort can make a difference in whether each person achieves his or her best potential.”