Canadian Urologists Seek Certification for Traction Device

February 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Acquiring CSA approval would potentially allow for the Canadian Urologists Association to prescribe a traction device as alternative therapy, opposed to current surgical treatments.

The device is currently approved in the European Union and the United States for use by Urological Associations, recently acquiring the CE mark in July of 2006. With increased awareness of the potential risks involved in surgical Peyronie’s treatments, more and more urologists have recognized the need for alternative non-surgical treatments to correct penile curvature.

Euro Extender LLC. and their application for CSA approval would assure Canadian markets that the device was engineered, developed to meet the quality, safety standards set for medical and phalloplasty devices.

Peyronie’s Disease

The disease afflicts up to 1% of men globally and is traditionally defined as the scarring of the penis tissue. Plaque develops on the upper or lower areas of the penis, particularly in the layers containing erectile tissue and results in the curvature of the penis.

In long term cases, Peyronie’s Disease has been shown to cause erectile dysfunction and prevent sexual intercourse. The disease has tendency to develop in middle-aged men, but it has also afflicted younger and older men.

The Euro Extender has been used by leading urologists and phalloplasty surgeons to treat Peyronie’s disease and significantly eliminate the symptoms caused by the disease. By applying minute amounts of pressure over a period of time, skin cells are forced to regenerate eventually dispersing of the hardened cells.

Phalloplasty is referred to as re-constructive surgical or non-surgical means to modify the structure of the penis body, often for cosmetic purposes. The Euro Extender is amongst the leading products used by phalloplasty specialists. CSA approval would allow for the direct marketing of the product to national surgeons and specialists.