Witty Berlin Art Show Celebrates Male Sex Objects on Vintage Porcelain Plates

February 23, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Berlin-based Kloetze & Schinken Gallery are sure to attract attention this March with an exhibition that celebrates the male as sex object: it presents vintage decorated porcelain plates from the past seven decades, overpainted by two Dutch artists in a mood of subversive wit.

Artist duo Tulip Enterprises' wild mash-up of kitsch ornaments and erotic male imagery is highly obscene, terribly witty and acutely political, often at the same time. They call their product "Ceramixed Plates".

The exhibition's title "Disco Sucks Again" is present on many of the plates. It is an adaption of the old 80's slogan "Disco Sucks", used at that time - by those excluded - to criticize the disco era's decadence and permissiveness. Today, after the hedonism of the nineties, and with the rise of religious intolerance, it seems that "Disco Sucks Again".

The use of males as sex object in media, pornography and prostitution is viewed by some as a sign of emancipation, while others see it as an attack on male honour. The exhibition fluctuates between both points of view. It seems to ask: "How much more hedonism and libertinism can Europe's atheist society take."

After succesfull presentations at several European galleries, and at the "Cologne Fine Art" fair, the "Ceramixed Plates" will now be on view for the first time in a Berlin gallery. They are displayed solo, as part of elaborate relief murals, and inside small wall objects. Installation views of the Amsterdam "Disco Sucks Again" presentation are on view at the artist's homepage.

Prices are between 20 and 250.
Selected paintings on a similar theme by Tulip Enterprises are also presented, and special edition wallpaper produced by Berlin wallpaper publishers BerlinTapete.

Gallery Kloetze und Schinken is situated in Berlin Neukoelln, on the ground floor of one of several famous residences by architect Bruno Taut, near Kottbusser Damm. The unusually high ceilings of the exhibition space are still graced with his original playfull reliefs.

Berlin art duo Tulip Enterprises work on youth art education projects, public art, comissions, and group art shows.

Galllery Kloetze und Schinken
12047 Berlin
Tel.: 030-26323349
Opening hours:
Tu - Fr 12 - 19 hours, Sa 14 - 19 hours.

Exhibition Details:
Opening: Saturday, March 24 2007, 19 hours.
Exhibition runtime: March 27 - April 15.

A PDF Ceramixed Plates Catalogue (in English), with biography & interview is available from www.tulip-enterprises.de.
Printable photos are available on demand.