Woman Completes 92 Day Juice Fast, Loses 160lbs

February 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Angela Stokes, 28, has just completed an incredible 92-Day Juice Fast in Costa Rica. Angela, originally from England, began this ‘Juice Feast’ back in November to cleanse from a lifetime of junk food addiction and weight issues.

Juice Feasting involves drinking at least a gallon of fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices daily, while taking a ‘break’ from solid foods, to help the body cleanse and repair.

After breaking this epic fast this week with a meal of soaked prunes, Angela said “It's been an amazing experience – I’ve had so much energy, clarity and a feeling of lightness, plus all kinds of detox symptoms too…including losing around another 18lbs.”

Angela began a ‘raw food lifestyle’ of only uncooked, unprocessed foods five years ago. Back then, she weighed a very unhealthy 300lbs for her 5’7’’ frame and was always sick. Since switching to eating mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, she has lost around 160lbs and is now a happy and healthy 138lbs.
In November 2006 she started Juice Feasting to finally clear the debris in her body from a lifetime of unhealthy eating. This week, as she completed this extraordinary Feast, she recorded a moving short video to share her reflections on it, online.

In the video, Angela speaks candidly about how consuming only liquids for three months helped her get a clearer perspective on food addiction issues and how she desires to eat very simply from now on.

Juice Feasting is designed to provide the minimum amount of calories a person needs in a day (e.g. 1500 for an average woman), from drinking a large amount of fresh juice. This means having plenty of energy to continue a normal life, while simultaneously cleansing, as it is a ‘break’ from digesting solids. Angela emphasizes that it doesn’t have to last 92 days. “Drinking fresh juices can benefit everyone” she says “start slowly – include just one fresh juice a day to begin, or do a mini juice cleanse of 3-5 days”.

Angela blogged her entire juicing experience online and will continue to record her journey as she transitions back to solids. Visit her site at http://www.rawreform.com to read more.


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