Celebrating Menarche (First Blood): A Window of Opportunity to Empower Girls to Live True

February 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dr. Pam Chubbuck has recently published an article celebrating menarche in the Atlanta based magazine, "Aquarius". Pam says, "Coming of age, especially at menarche — a girl's first bleeding time opens a window of opportunity that allows a girl to be more open to learning and being positively influenced about the true meaning of her life. Menarche is a time when a girl needs the help of special teaching to allow her to begin to come into her fullness and touch her sacred potential."

In the article, Pam speaks to the mothers, grandmothers, and other mentors to these girls blossoming into women. According to Christiane Northrup's book, "Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom", eighty percent of women from age 18 to 60 consult physicians about physical problems that are caused by unhealthy attitudes about their own physical/ sexual nature.

Along with her own private practice in the Atlanta area, Pam is a members of the Red Web Foundation, a group of women working toward building a positive attitude in women about their own bodies. Pam has also written the books "Passages Into Womanhood: Empowering Girls to Love Themselves" and "Woman Spirit". Both books are available for purchase at Amazon.com and also from http://www.passagesintowomanhood.com.

In addition to her other efforts, Pam is holding a series of "Passages Into Womanhood" workshops in the Atlanta Metro Area. The first workshop, entitled "Passages Into Womanhood: Embodying the Healing Power of the Feminine", will be held on April 14th and is open to women of all ages. The second workshop, entitled "Passages Into Womanhood: Empowering Women to Love Themselves" is encouraged for mothers, grandmothers, mentors, young women, maidens, and daughters. This two day workshop, held May 5th & 6th, Pam says, "Is an opportunity for you to spend two days with me and a group of women who wish to celebrate womanhood. Join us!"

Dr Pam is available for radio and TV appearances, book store readings, discussions and signings, and classes and workshops for girls and mentors. Please email press@passagesintowomanhood.com