Shoeshield Captures Imagination of Generation YouTube

March 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
New Orleans/Berlin - Hip-Hop World LLC is pleased to announce the Hip-Hop World and Shoeshield a new product invented by New Orleans native Ferdinand Valteau. It is a new shoe accessory which easily attaches to any shoe with laces, including tennis shoes, and provides Generation YouTube with a stylishly simple way to distinguish themselves from their peers.

While Nike and Adidas have the market cornered on tennis shoes in the U.S., Puma has been able to make enormous inroads with the youth market since it transformed itself into a lifestyle company. "We're hoping to tap into the Puma market. That company was really effective in finding a very specific niche within the youth market that had been overlooked for years by Nike and Adidas. I remember when Reebok really tried to find this market when they started sponsoring artists like Jay-z and running commericals with Iverson and Jadakiss. While some of Reebok's marketing was pretty revolutionary, they neglected to reach out to people in the grassroots way that Puma has been able to."

Defense Attorney and New Orleans native, Ferdinand Valteau, grew up in New Orleans. In 2005, he was displaced by the Katrina Hurricane and now lives in southwest Louisiana. He came up with the idea for the Shoeshield late one summer evening prior to his final year in law school.

Although the Hip-Hop World symbol is his first Shoeshield design, the company will regularly introduce new designs and symbols for the Shoeshield as the company continues to expand the concept of shoe accessories. Both Hip-Hop World and Shoeshield are registered trademarks of Hip-Hop World LLC.