Rentokil Pest Control Forms a Defensive Wall at Wembley Stadium

February 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Rentokil, the UK’s leading pest control company, today announces that it has signed an exclusive three year agreement with Wembley National Stadium Ltd to provide pest control protection and elimination services throughout the 90,000-seat venue. The company will use a combination of latest products to ensure that Wembley Stadium has the finest pest control service available in the UK.

Rentokil won the contract following a competitive tender process. Key to the success was proven ability to protect large buildings, product innovation and cost effectiveness. The agreement is in two parts: an initial set up followed by an ongoing contract to service the stadium each week.

Over the coming weeks, a team from Rentokil will install a network of some 2000 control units around the prestigious venue. Each unit will be bar-coded and tracked online. An exclusive service provided by Rentokil, called PestNetOnline, will provide an up to the minute map of the stadium’s pest protection measures for the management team to monitor remotely over the Internet wherever and whenever they wish.

The Rentokil team will also use a new product called RADAR (Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance). As soon as a rodent enters the RADAR unit, the pressure sensitive pads detect its presence and automatically close the doors. The unit then releases a measured dose of carbon dioxide into the sealed chamber killing the rodent quickly and humanely with no release of toxins. RADAR is able to then send an email or text message notifying the Rentokil technician of the capture and extermination.

RADAR is a major innovation in the battle against the growing population of rats and mice. It can be used in any location - providing an early warning system for both the detection and prevention of rodents. Its “green” pesticide kills effectively and humanely, with no damage to the environment. It also eliminates the risk of contamination from toxic baits or dead rodents by keeping everything sealed up tight. RADAR allows for the control of rodents in high-risk areas where conventional baits cannot be tolerated. It can also be managed and serviced by Rentokil technicians with minimal disruption to a customer’s operation.

With a capacity of 90,000, each event at Wembley Stadium will be a major catering exercise and Rentokil will help keep the organisation free of harmful pests and the taint of poor hygiene that can go with them. Visitors to Wembley will know that they can trust the quality of the food served and the authorities will know that proper measures are in place.

Jed Kenrick, Managing Director of Rentokil UK, said: "Wembley Stadium is a world-class sports and music venue and we are thrilled to be playing a part in its future success. We are looking forward to developing a strong relationship with Wembley Stadium over the next three years.”

John Andersen, Cleaning Services Manager of Wembley National Stadium Ltd, said: “We welcome Rentokil as part of our team of companies who’ll work behind the scenes to make Wembley a world class venue to visit. Pest control is a type of insurance that no major venue with catering facilities can do without. We’ve teamed up with the experts.”

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Around the world, Rentokil is the leading provider of pest control and specialist hygiene services. The company protects homes and commercial premises from the damage, health risks and nuisance that pests cause. While flies, insects and rodents might be the first that come to mind, Rentokil technicians also provide specialist hygiene to treat microbiological risks and treat buildings for woodworm and dry rot. Whatever the pest, Rentokil can deal with it.
Wembley Stadium

Wembley National Stadium Limited (WNSL) is the company that is redeveloping Wembley Stadium as the world's leading sport and music venue. Offering 90,000 fans unrivalled views of the action in state-of-the-art facilities while generating an unbeatable atmosphere, WNSL will set new standards for supporters and performers alike.

A subsidiary of The Football Association, profits generated by WNSL will provide an important revenue stream for The FA to reinvest in football at every level.

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