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February 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
The article, originally published in “Coach & Mentor”, the journal of the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring (OSCM), introduces coach-mentors to two creative approaches to coaching that Neela Bettridge, Director of Wheelhouse UK Ltd, has achieved overwhelming success with in both empowering and engaging her clients. Each approach utilises an adaptation of a well-known coaching model in conjunction with creative tools and techniques from Neela’s extensive creative and consultancy background.

The first approach, Headlining Goals and Obstacles, utilises a visual newspaper proforma which gives clients a tool to scope and prioritise their key objectives and visualise the place they want to be at the end of their coaching journey, as well as providing the opportunity to take into account obstacles they might meet along the way. For visual learners, this tool has proven itself inspirational in giving clients a birds eye view of the journey they want to take and consequently making it easier to identify the behavioural shifts required to instigate long lasting change.

The second approach described in this article on creativity in coaching is Characterising Goals to Develop Values. It uses the Wheel of Life as its foundation and allows the coach and client to build up a picture in words (similes and metaphors), describing how the client’s life is now and how they would like it to be in the future. Based on this picture, a new script is developed of how the client would like life to be and the values underpinning this.

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