Author Kate Montgomery Re-Releases Popular Book: End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery

March 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Author and Naturopathic Doctor Kate Montgomery announced today the re-release of her popular book, End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery. In this illustrated how-to book, Montgomery explains the 12-step Montgomery Method™ which shows readers how to correct, strengthen and prevent tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and most muscular skeletal injuries of the arm, wrist and hand. In addition, Montgomery offers her expertise and insight into the physical healing of the body to create balance and address the body’s ergonomic relationship to the workplace.

Originally released in 1992 as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Prevention and Treatment, the book was later released by Rutledge Hill Press under the name End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery. The newest edition of End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery (ISBN #1-878069-07-1 and #978-1-878069-07-8) has been edited down to focus on techniques and exercises, providing readers with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. The book has been sold throughout Europe, Australia, South America, Scandinavia, Norway, Japan and the United States since 1992. Using the 12-step Montgomery Method™, readers can help assist the change in the structural misalignment that causes the entrapment and compression of the median nerve in the elbow, wrist and hand.

“I am so excited about the re-release of my book,” Montgomery said. “It has helped thousands over the last 14 years to reclaim their health after suffering from repetitive motion injuries. It thrills me to see readers use this book to begin their journey toward recovery.”

Montgomery is degreed as a Certified Sports Massage Therapist; Holistic Health Practitioner; and Naturopathic Doctor; Certified Touch for Health instructor; and an education, safety and wellness consultant. Her background includes oriental medicine, natural herbal therapy, specialized kinesiology, and she counsels her clients on nutritional programs using hair tissue mineral analysis as her guide. Montgomery’s programs focus on self-care – helping others learn techniques that increase their knowledge, understanding and responsibility for the prevention and maintenance of their health and well-being.

For more information about the book, to order a copy of the book or e-book, or to arrange an interview with the author, contact Kate Montgomery at 574-612-0789.