Author Jane Thompson Helps Her Best Friend – and Sufferers Around the World – Fight the Battle with Fibromyalgia With a Big Heart and a Free Newsletter

March 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
London, UK, March 2, 2007 – Jane Thompson announced today that she will be releasing a free weekly Fibromyalgia newsletter to compliment and supplement her e-book “Natural Cure to Fibromyalgia” and her Fibromyalgia blog.

Thompson became interested in Fibromyalgia and its treatments when her best friend was diagnosed with the condition. At the time, she knew virtually nothing about the disease, but was bound and determined to remedy that as quickly as she could. She dived into extensive research, and was eager to discover natural treatments that would help to ease the painful and disorienting symptoms from which her best friend was suffering.

In her research, Thompson discovered that between 3 and 6 percent of the population is impacted by the non-contagious debilitating chronic syndrome known as fibromyalgia. While 90 percent of sufferers are female, it impacts people between the ages of twenty and fifty years old.

The disease has been studied since the 1800s, and though researchers have discovered quite a bit about it, there is still a great deal left still that needs to be learned. Today, its known for certain that it is not an auto-immune disorder, but it has changed in the way it has been categorized several times since its discovery. There is a strong belief that the condition may be genetic, but that is not definitely known, nor is it known if heredity is the only cause.

Thompson keeps on top of all of the latest studies, natural techniques, and other important information that sufferers of fibromyalgia need to know. Among the topics discussed in her free Fibromyalgia Newsletter are:

How to minimize and treat headaches, brain fog, and disturbed sleep
Halting highly localized pain at its root
Potential causes of fibromyalgia
Risk factors of the condition
Symptoms of the condition
Treatment options that work naturally and quickly

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Jane Thompson
Author of “Natural Cure to Fibromyalgia”