Maggie Simmons, Author of “Colon Cleanse Your Way to Better Health” Releases Her Long-Awaited Free Colon Cleanse Newsletter

March 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
London, UK, March 7, 2007 – Maggie Simmons, successful author of the “Colon Cleanse Your Way to Better Health” e-book has finally announced that her free Colon Cleanse newsletter is available to subscribers online.

This weekly newsletter has been requested by readers who have had great success with the book and who are now seeking an additional tool to compliment the guide. The Colon Cleanse newsletter is ideal for this task as it reviews techniques laid out in the book, educates about further techniques, and discusses the latest developments and ideas in the field

The Colon Cleanse newsletter is ideal for anybody who is looking to improve his or her health and lifestyle through natural methods. It addresses symptoms of: constipation, bloating, that “heavy” feeling, heart burn and acid reflux, lack of energy and overall drained feeling, pale and sallow skin without any “glow”, and any number of other common conditions and discomforts.

The idea behind a colon cleanse is that it cleans out the body, removing build up of food, toxins, and other undesirables that are not allowing the organs to function at their optimal rate. Once the toxins and waste have been flushed away, all of the organs can focus their energies on improving your health and performing their tasks properly, instead of simply managing the toxin levels in the body.

Maggie Simmons is a colon cleanse expert, having experienced its benefits first-hand, and then having performed extensive research into the science and the benefits of this form of natural health improvement. She has enjoyed great success after publishing “Colon Cleanse Your Way to Better Health” and now seeks to further educate people about the benefits of colon cleansing through the Colon Cleanse newsletter. This weekly newsletter can either be used on its own, or alongside the book for the healthiest results.

For more information about colon cleansing treatments and techniques, and to sign up to the Colon Cleanse newsletter, visit today.


Maggie Simmons
Successful Author of “Colon Cleanse Your Way to Better Health”