Dr. Catherine Waller, MD, Announces the Opening of the Rochester Center for Healthy Living, Rochester, Michigan

March 08, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Dr. Catherine Waller, MD, announced the grand opening of the Rochester Center for Healthy Living in Rochester Hills, Michigan, on February 16, 2007. The Center, for which Dr. Waller serves as the medical director, offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare, combining the best of traditional and complementary medicine.

From Bioidentical hormone treatments to high blood pressure, from anti-aging to nutritional assessments, the Center offers a wide-range of treatment options and other medical services for men and women.

“Today’s Baby Boomers are frustrated with the limitations of our current healthcare system, not to mention their growing apprehension of prescription medications and their side effects. They’re looking for a new approach to living a long, healthy, and happy life. The Rochester Center for Healthy Living meets that need. Our mission is to provide a truly comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare,” says Dr. Waller. “It’s about patient education and providing solutions tailored to the individual’s needs.”

Dr. Waller, a Family Practice physician, with over 25 years of experience, has combined her traditional medical training and background with natural therapies including vitamins, herbs, and natural hormones. Her lifelong interest in natural medicine led to her adding two additional specialties in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine.

Anti-Aging medicine is aimed at the early detection, prevention and treatment of age-related decline, whereas Functional Medicine focuses on providing an integrated, science-based approach to correcting biochemical processes within the body.

“The Rochester Center for Healthy Living offers solutions that promote health, prevent disease and manage illness. Our focus is on finding and treating the causes of health problems, not just treating the symptoms,” says Dr. Waller.

The Rochester Center for Health Living offers unique services tailored to the needs of patients, including:

• Bioidentical Hormone Treatments
• Nutritional Assessments
• Age Management Medicine
• Weight Management
• Natural Treatments for High Cholesterol /High Blood Pressure

The Center also includes the services of Dr. Jean Wagner, a Naturopathic Physician, specializing in homeopathy, and Gerald Snook, M.A., L.L.P., a psychotherapist who specializes in the use of EMDR and Thought Field Therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique), both which are used to treat psychological trauma, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

The Center will soon be offering additional treatments including intravenous (IV) nutrient therapies for patients suffering from fibromyalgia, neurodegenerative disorders (MS, Parkinson’s), and cancers, as well as IV chelation for the treatment of heavy metal toxicity and vascular disease. A full array of holistic services is also planned, including Stress Reduction and Healthy Cooking classes, Health and Wellness Coaching, and Meditation and Guided Imagery instruction.

A graduate of Wayne State University Medical School, Dr. Catherine Waller has over 25 years of experience treating patients. Board certified in Family Practice and Anti-Aging medicine, she is one of 25 physicians in the world to graduate from the International Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine.

The Rochester Center for Healthy Living is located at 725 Barclay Circle, Suite 215, Rochester Hills, MI 48307.

Website : www.RCFHL.com
Telephone : 1.248.844.1414
Email : info@RCFHL.com