New Book Reveals Trout Fishing Secrets

April 22, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Nick an avid angler for the past 23 years first started at the age of 10 and has been in love with the sport ever since. "I’ve done it all from bay fishing to stream fishing, but it was 11 years ago that I was introduced to spinner fishing for Trout. I was hooked! I literally have not fished any other way since."

"When I go out, I catch a fish on every single trip. In fact, I’m much closer to cracking-the-code on catching a trout with every single cast. I don’t have a 100% cast to catch success rate, but I’m damn close. Even the people I have taught have had incredible success. I recently went fishing with a good friend's wife, who had never even touched a rod before. She caught a trout on her very first fishing trip!" says Nick. Read more

“How To Catch A Trout Every Time – When Spinner Fishing Your Favorite Stream Or River.” captures the essence of Nicks trout fishing experience. Understanding how Trout think, what scares them, what motivates them, when they feed, when they travel, and a host of other factors is essential to catching fish consistently.

Aimed at both beginner and experienced anglers alike the book covers such topics as; Learn the best times to fish for trout - their feeding times, Learn why trout are so sensitive to noise, How to maintain your fishing equipment for maximum longevity, Why having a cigarette while fishing can halve your chances of catching anything, The correct line color to choose for maximum success, Why keeping a fishing diary will explode your long-term fishing success, Know what the ideal water temperature is for Trout to feed, How to Identify Trout Rich Waters, How to land a big trout and many more trout fishing secrets.

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