Book Services Company Announces New Book Offering Tips For Scholars Seeking To Get Their Dissertations Published

March 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Houston, TX March 12, 2007 - Writing Coach Margaree Mitchell shares secrets to transforming dissertations into book manuscripts in her new book, Scholars Guide To Transforming A Dissertation Into A Book Manuscript. This guide gives an easy, step-by-step process for converting a dissertation into a book.

Newly minted PhDs heed the call of their committee members to get their dissertations published as soon as possible. They mail their dissertations to noted publishers in their field. Soon the manuscripts are returned with rejection notes.

But they can have a happier ending, says Margaree Mitchell, writing coach and co-owner of MKM Book Services. If they take time to follow nine steps before putting their manuscripts in the mail.

Four of the steps have to do with preparation before any of the writing occurs.

They are:
-Think Before Writing
-Reread Dissertation
-Develop A Schedule
-Poll Colleagues

While the average new scholar thinks their dissertation is a publishable manuscript, Mitchell insists more has to be done. An overhaul is necessary.

Mitchell advises, A dissertation is a scholarly manuscript. You are now writing for a broader audience. Think about how you can make your manuscript appeal to more people. Some chapters of your dissertation will have to be discarded and new chapters added.

A new title is also needed. Chapters need to be of manageable length. However, all of this can be done in an orderly manner if the scholar has a well thought out plan. Mitchell's book coaches scholars as they go through this process.

About Margaree Mitchell
Margaree Mitchell is an award winning author and co-owner of MKM Book Services. She coaches scholars as they turn their dissertation into book manuscripts. She is also the author of the ebook Scholars Guide To Transforming A Dissertation Into A Book Manuscript. For more information visit her web site at:

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