Carreg introduce Reg Finder a fast and easy way to find a private number plate

March 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Staffordshire, UK. 13th March 2007. Searching for something has always been a chore, no matter what it is for. Carreg understand that from time to time everyone has spent time looking for items and ended up with something that wasn't quite what they wanted or found nothing at all.

Carreg have been developing over the space of nearly two years, a totally unique private number plate finder, this will enable the searcher to decide which style of number plate they wish to search for, as there are several types now, from the expensive couple of letters and numbers type, i.e. MB 1 onto the modern day seven digit number plates, which even though these are modern, they actually do offer some really fascinating combinations. The search is not limited to the huge database that Carreg have at their disposal, the company also buy private number plates, this enables customers to have first choice at some really unique number plates, which include some very exclusive cherished number plates, these are the ones that have very few letters and numbers, these are very rare and obviously they will be expensive simply because of the rarity, most of these number plates were first registered at the time when cars where a new invention, the early part of the twentieth century. This just shows how powerful a tool this unique search system is.

This totally unique way of searching for a new private number plate, is available to customers who register free of charge with Carreg, the user will then be able to search the Carreg database which includes auction number plates, however the search will not return back any number plates that is valued less than £500, previously un-issued prefix and current style number plates, for example L88 NAE or NR06 SES, customers wishing to search for these types of number plate, can visit this page, It is worth mentioning that it is always faster and easier to do an initial search of the Carreg database, if the search is then unsuccessful, then it is time to sign up for the Carreg, Reg Finder service, once there the customer can submit their requirements including price range, and the service will take over from there.