Shuar workshop in Quito

March 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Moving Ecuador has teamed up with non profit organisation FUNDECOIPA to develop a workshop for foreign travellers about the rainforest culture Shuar. The workshop will give foreigners a chance to learn more about this fascinating Ecuadorean culture, that is trying to survive the influences from the outside world. The workshop will be a way for the Shuar people to show the people from all over the world about their traditions and history.

During the workshop the participant will not only learn more about the Shuar culture, but also make traditional handicrafts and music.

The workshop:


* Jaime Francisco Vargas Moya (32), Bilingual teacher in Shuar identity and culture. Coordinator for Bosque Protector Arutam and member of FUNDECOIPA. Residence in Arutam;
* Melida Tatsemai Yankuam Katan (26), president of the women group Kuri Nua. Member of FUNDECOIPA and resident in Arutam
* Luis Katan Kashijin (47), traditional Shuar farmer. Residence in Kunkuki
* Gloria Yajanua Yankuam (42), Traditional Shuar farmer. Member of the women group Kuri Nua. Residence in Kunkuki.

Duration (aprox. 3 hours)

Welcome and introduction

We start with a personal introduction of the four instructors and their communities. Afterwards there will be a presentation about the history and culture of the Shuar and their current activities in their communities.

Teach handicrafts and traditional Shuar music

Before we start explaining how to make Shuar handicraft products we start by telling you something more about the significance of the products and the paper in the Shuar culture. We explain all of the materials, their names and where the come from.

The workshop group will be divided in two, one part will be making baskets and the other bracelets and neglaces.

During the making of the handicraft products we will show you our typical Shuar dance and music.

We finish the workshop and afterwards Shuar dance

We will finish the workshop with some traditional Shuar dancing together with the participants of the workshop and sing one song.

About the Shuar culture:

Boy in School at ArutamThe Shuar Indians in the Ecuadorian Amazon today number approximately 70.000 individuals and are among the best organized indigenous people, who has resulted in winning the title to 900.000 hectares of their traditional territories and a further 180.000 hectares are waiting to be recognized.